Now you can record Skype calls on your iPhone or iPad!


Skype calls are considered best for any type of call, personal or professional. Microsoft has been making updates in it to make the experience of calls better for you every day. Microsoft announced a while ago that it has added the ability to record Skype calls across desktop and mobile devices. This update came just a day after Microsoft had announced that it was redesigning Skype again to focus on the features that are essential and remove all the unnecessary features from it.

Pros of call recording:

Adding this feature will definitely prove out to be really good as people will be able to save their important calls in the form of recording. It is a digital world and various personal teachers conduct online classes as well when they are not well or can’t come directly to the home. In such a case, the student can record the lecture and listen to it anytime he wants. It will make things easier for him as he will be able to go through it whenever required.

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Parties involved in the call recording:

This process of call recording on Skype is completely cloud-based. All the parties involved in the call are also informed about it, to ensure that there is no breach of privacy. A banner like a thing will appear on top of the call screen to ensure that all participants in a call know at all times that the call is being recorded, whenever you start recording a voice or video call.

When it comes to video calls, apart from capturing the video of all the people involved, Skype will also record and save any screen that is shared during it.

For how long does the call stay:

All calls that are recorded on Skype are saved for 30 days and can be shared with anyone. One must download it and save it offline if you want to save the recorded call for longer than 30 days.

How to record a call:

Explained below is the procedure to record a call on skype.

in order to record a Skype call on an iPad or iPhone repair

  • You have to simply tap the Start Recording button from the in-call screen.
  • The recording starts. If you want to record the complete call, start recording right after you start a call.
  • If you want to record just a chunk of it, start doing it at that time.
  • When the call ends or you stop the recording, it can be found in the chat box from where you can save it for offline use or share it with any of your contacts.

Call recording before ‘call recording’:

Previously, it wasn’t that easy to record your Skype calls. It was only possible if you made them from your desktop. This article shows how you can record the Skype calls you to make, from your iPhone, Android smartphone, or iPad without jailbreaking.

When the call recording feature wasn’t introduced, this was how people used to record calls.

  • With the help of QuickVoice, they used to manually start recording after starting a call on Skype and stop recording after hanging it up.
  • It was free and it did record an unlimited amount of audio, but it did not run in the background.
  • Another limitation was that audio files over 5MB did not transfer off of your iPad.
  • Audio Memos used to run in the background so you can video chat without being distracted, but you still had to manually begin the recording process.
  • ScreenChomp used to support whiteboard-style drawing while you were chatting and saved the notes and conversation as a video file.


There were limitations to make Skype calls on either your iPhone or your iPad, however.

  • First, you only got the audio recording of your conversation and not the video.
  • Second, if you’re fond of using headphones while Skyping on your iPad, it only recorded your own voice during the call as your microphone won’t hear the other voice(s) on your call.
  • And third, there were not many options for automatic Skype recording, either. You had to manually start and stop each recording app after you initiate a call.

But everything is well when things end well. After the introduction of the call recording feature, things got easy and quick.

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