Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment in San Francisco?


Bed bugs are creepy pests they invade your house to make it unhealthy to live in. These bugs are sneaky creatures that are hard to locate but will remain persistent in your home to cause potential health risks. Besides, bed bugs proliferate at a quick pace making their control a bit difficult. With their small, flat, oval-shaped bodies, they can penetrate in crevices where human access is hardly possible. Bed bugs infest your bedding or mattress are evidence of causing holes in them. Approaching Non-toxic bed bug treatment is harmful enough for not only for human kids but also for pets like dogs and cats as it makes it unbreathable. Bed bugs give an itchy bite as they suck human blood as the only source of nutrition for them.

Non-toxic bed bug treatment

Where can we trace these bed bugs?

Traces of bed bugs can be found in cracks and crevices. Main hunts of these bed bugs are in bed head, frames, furniture, mattresses, footboards, box springs, headboards, etc. Besides, they can lurk from the walls and the gaps in it, and you may find the bulk of them oozing out of the wall making the scenario hard to behold.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

There are a number of conventional treatments that are utilized to eliminate these bed bugs. Traditional Toxic Treatment, Dry Heat Treatment, Toxic Gas Fumigation are some to count. Though these treatments may be of any help, they were highly disadvantageous for living beings. Toxins tend to spread all around the house making it healthy to breathe in.

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Non-toxic bed bug extermination

Cimi-Shield being one of the most effective solutions for bed bug treatment is of real-time worth. Inspected in a real-time scenario, it withstands the expectations for a lasting effect. Cimi-Shield is a non-toxic bed bug extermination solution that contains food-grade soy protein in which polypeptide protein chains are arranged as an esterase. As soon as the wax coating becomes porous, the bugs start losing their moisture which makes them die of dehydration in a few hours. Being a Non-toxic bed bug extermination material, it is highly practical.

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