Networking Concepts: What Is SD-WAN?


The SD-WAN market is worth over $1.9 billion. It’s one of the most popular forms of network architecture available today.

Understanding how an SD-WAN works can be one of the more difficult networking concepts to wrap your head around. It involves a complex system of technology that works together to send your data across a wide geographical area.

Learning about this type of network is essential because it can save you time and money. Read our guide to learn what an SD-WAN is and where you can find the right tools to monitor it.

What is an SD-WAN?

An SD-WAN or software-defined wide area network is similar to a wide area network. The difference is that it uses software to manage and control all operations.

SD-WAN solutions may support features such as firewalls, gateways, and VPNs. They’re useful for increasing productivity and efficiency. They also help with redundancy, backups, recovery, and troubleshooting.

The dashboard is one of the most crucial components of an SD-WAN because it lets IT professionals monitor and interact with the network. Software-defined networking will make mistakes without human intervention.

What Is SD-WAN Monitoring?

Several tools allow you to look over your network, but finding the best one is essential to ensure it runs at its best. Consider an SDN-WAN monitoring solution from SevOne.

The system provides 2 types of useful dashboards.

The Operations Geo Topology dashboard helps you monitor the health and performance of your SD-WAN with single-click access. All possible faults are mapped out with color-coded paths leading to areas that need attention.

The Augmented Flows dashboard supports Cisco and Versa SD-WAN. It shows you what flows originate from specific sites, allows you to valid SLA classes, supports DPI capabilities, and lets you filter flows to help with troubleshooting.

Both of these dashboards provide several benefits.

You’ll get access to several key performance indicators or KPIs. These will allow you to analyze each of your applications to see how they’re performing, where events are coming from, and how you can save money on them.

Continuous visibility into your network infrastructure mitigates risk. It lets you see where your traffic is going and where malicious activity originates from.

You’ll also be able to monitor traditional MPLS WAN segments from the same dashboard. This makes it easier to use them and transition them to SD-WAN.

SD-WAN monitoring improves business productivity by increasing visibility and reducing the time it takes to repair a network. It can also lower your costs of ownership by consolidating your tools.

Where Can I Learn More Networking Concepts?

Every task, from running a business to watching a video on YouTube, requires a strong network. SD-WAN is one of the most popular options because it’s fast and automated.

Thousands of bytes of data fly through your network every second. You need a quality monitoring solution to monitor this traffic, increase efficiency, and prevent malicious activity like hacker attacks.

Understanding what type of network to get and how to monitor it is only the beginning. Read our other articles to learn about more crucial networking concepts you need to know.