Need to buy plastic crates and bins for industrial purposes? Here’s what you should know

Material handling

Plastic crates, bins, and plastic tubs are almost used in all industries. They are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of them are also covered to prevent spillage or harmful gases diffusing into the air or some are vented to allow the air to pass through. Equip2go is a manufacturer of such plastic bins, crates, and tubs. For further reference click-

Advantages of using plastic crates and bins

They are highly preferred in most industries because they are lightweight and can be easily carried.  There is also very little maintenance required. Some washing with detergent is enough to keep them clean. They are cheaper to buy and their durability is longer.

Here are some of the uses of these plastic materials in industries

Stack crates

These are uses in various industries for storing equipment, devices, and other substances. They are mostly used in the medical industry as in labs or hospitals and nursing homes to store medical goods and other important things like medicines.

They are also used in the chemical and food processing industry for storing items like water, chemicals, and food substances.

Vented nest crates

These are similar to the stack crates except that they are vented. They have small holes on the walls to keep the substance stored in them ventilated. These are also used for storing items while under wash to allow the water to flow out easily.

Vented crates are used extensively in the food processing industry for keeping the food items in proper condition and prevent rotting.

They are also used as storage cans during a water wash.

Covered nest crates

These are nest crates that are covered. Usually, they are used in chemical industries to store some chemicals or substances that might have a foul smell or a harmful suffocating gas. These are used in chemical industries to store chemicals, in pharmaceutical industries to store small medical tools, surgery kits, and medicines. The bigger ones are also used in the waste management industry for storing waste materials.

As they are covered they give additional protection to the immediate neighborhood and surroundings.

Plastic buckets

These buckets are used for storing liquids like water, oil, fluid chemical compounds, and waste materials. They can be covered to prevent overflowing or maybe uncovered as well.

They are used by fertilizer manufacturing companies to store fertilizers, paints, and allied chemical industries to store paints and generally used for storing water.

Rectangular plastic tanks

These tanks can be of various shapes and volumes. These plastic tanks are used in the food processing industry for storing food items raw materials and finished products. It is used in the petrochemical industry to store crude oil and other chemicals. They come in covered and uncovered version. The covered rectangular plastic tanks are used for transporting various items.

Circular plastic tanks

These circular plastic tanks are used for storing fluid substances in large quantities. These are ideal for those industries that use any type of fluid substance as a raw material. They are either covered or uncovered. If you are looking for various circular tanks then visit equip2go website or click on-

Wheelie bins

These are used in industries, factories, restaurants and are even installed at the street sides to store garbage. There are various types of materials that are used for storing certain kinds of wastes. They are large in quantity and store a huge quantity of wastes before they are emptied by the waste management companies for waste disposal.

The wheelie bins have stickers on them to inform what type of waste they store. A usual categorization is done based on biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. Another categorization is whether the garbage is recyclable like glass, metals, paper, etc. or non-recyclable.

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