Nanotechnology Future of India: Advanced Business Ideas & Growth


Nanotechnology can be used in medicines to give a combined term ‘Nanomedicine.’ Nanomedicine uses materials of nanoscaled structure to diagnose disease, prevent and treat diseases and traumatic injury.

Small scale mechanical business ideas can be used in

1. Nanocarriers for drug delivery- For a medical application like sensing, imaging, and therapeutics, the polymeric nanocarriers are specially designed for their biodegradability, composition, size, surface functionality, and morphology. In drug delivery systems, nanocarriers can release drugs to activate certain stimuli.

2. Nanodiagnostics- Medical diagnostic techniques that are based on nanotechnology are practiced in medical research. For ex. – NanoFlares are nanoparticles that target the cancer cells by binding and generating light to detect them. Hence, it allows detecting accurate cancer cells and identifying them.

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3. Nanodentistry- Nanorobots can be used to navigate the tissues in humans that need mouthwash or toothpaste at least once a day to metabolize any trapped material that can be a source of foul breath odours.

These are some of the features of nanotechnology that contribute to improving the medical industry.

How nanotechnology can bring small scale mechanical business ideas
The emergence of nanotechnology in India started in the millennium. Nanotechnology is becoming a fast and popular field in research with applications ranging from the fields of healthcare and medicine to textiles.

Small scale mechanical business ideas that can be implemented are –

1. NANOWEAR- Nanowear that is equipped in the undergarments after the discharge of the patient, capture and algorithmically score phono cardiography and impedance cardiography to measure stroke volume.

It assesses multi-channel ECG for a change in general activity, respiratory rate, posture, heart rate, and thoracic impedance. This helps the patients not to get re-admitted which in turn benefits the medical institute. There are other reasons why doctors should need to have effective business skills to run their practice.

2. VECOY (VIRAL INFECTION TREATMENT) – Nano-medical therapy deals with tailor-made virus-traps that impersonate human cells to serve as a decoy for viruses. These, unlike the other antiviral treatments, target the infected human cell before the infection occurs. Performing the VECOY treatment needs special equipment which is both expensive and exclusive.

The treatment is quite time-taking and requires getting used to it. A series of medical tests are performed before starting the treatment to ensure whether the individual’s body can withstand the treatment.

3. Nanobiotix- CANCER still has limited treatment. Nanoparticles that can target only tumour cells once irradiated would generate electrons that destroy the cells. NanoXray products that accumulate nanoparticles on cancer cells use hafnium-oxide (HfO2) that produces a huge amount of electrons when exposed to ionizing radiation.

The amount of energy supplied to the tumour amplifies while the dose given by the radiation magnifies the tumour and the dose that passes through the healthy tissue remains unchanged.

How can one expand their small scale mechanical business ideas in healthcare?

A waiting room full of patients is a sign of a flourishing medical practice. But every year nearly 55,000 Indian doctors join the medical sector. One needs to have their health facilities and upgrades for their medical practice to flourish. Clinics implementing the latest tech can help avail the necessary finances.

It is thus advisable for healthcare practitioners to avail the necessary finances and input the next-gen pointers to their healthcare centres. Refer to leading financers to avail a loan for doctors at the most beneficial rates.

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