My Experience with Laser Hair Removal. Is laser hair removal worth it?


Hair anywhere on the body is something that everyone tries to get rid of. I was one of them too. I always despised the extra hair on my legs, arms, and underarms. I used to wax that unwanted hair but they would grow back again and that was actually really annoying. Waxing, shaving, and razors can give you temporary satisfaction but not completely.

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Shaving was always a wasted effort for me. It was like I have shaved my hair a week ago and then the next week I could see those hair growing back again. Waxing is good to use on sensitive areas like the face and upper lips.

But waxing on legs and bikini areas is not a good idea in my opinion if you want to gid rid of them completely. Although waxing can help pull the hair out by the root it still wasn’t enough for me because it takes a lot of time and effort and then the hair grows back again within no time.

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I was always scared of laser because I used to hear from people that it is a painful process and it requires a lot of patience as it depends on the hair type. But deep down I always wanted to go for the laser option to live my life hair-free with no tension of waxing and shaving or using different hair removal creams.


What is laser hair removal?

A lot of people these days didn’t have a clear idea of laser hair removal. And the underlying secrets behind it. Laser hair removal is the greatest and latest technology to get that beautiful hair-free smooth skin within a few sessions.

One of the most irritating things to deal with is face and body hair because no matter how many times you get rid of it, it just keeps coming back. But I was the one fan of that smooth, fresh feeling, then you’re probably curious about laser hair removal.


My Experience with laser hair removal

I decided to go for laser and started looking for a dermatologist because the choice of a doctor in this procedure really matters. Your choice and selection of doctors really do matter.

As I live in Lahore so one of my friends suggested to me about laser hair removal center in Lahore.

She got laser from there and I get really genuine and positive reviews from her. I visited the clinic and the dermatologist suggested me to go for 4 to 5 sessions if I want to get rid of the hair completely. The dermatologist was really friendly and cooperative throughout the sessions and my procedure.

It is one of the best laser hair removal center in lahore. I actually got the results that I was expecting. Smooth and hair-free skin. It is not a painful procedure as people use to say.

I get of hair completely in 4 to 5 sessions. And I was satisfied with the charges too.


But one thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow the instructions and advice given by your doctor when you going through this procedure. You need to be really careful with your skin and do as suggested by your doctor to get the best possible results.


Patience is another thing to keep in mind. Some people get rid of hair completely in 3 to 4 settings, Others might need to go for 6 to 7 sessions because it all depends on the hair growth and hair type. This is the thing that varies from person to person.


Benefits associated with laser hair removal

It is a speedy treatment and can save you time too. Moreover, it is predictable you can get rid of hair for longer periods of time than other hair removal methods, which is also good for dramatically reducing hair growth to the point that shaving can be absolutely stopped.


Laser hair removal is an incredibly successful way to remove unnecessary hair. Laser accuracy and the energy that hits hair follicles make it to be more effective than IPL. For the last two decades, lasers have been tried and tested so you can be confident that the device is safe to use.



Another strong argument about the option of laser hair removal therapy is that incubated hair is a thing of the past. Laser hair removal is a tool often used to treat this disease. So, whether you’re susceptible to incubated hair or razor burns, laser hair removal is just what you need to combat these issues by hair removal methods such as rashing and waxing.


Removal of the laser hair has proven extremely successful. This procedure has been in use since 1997 and is approved by the US FDA. Long healthy reduction of the hair following a treatment regime. This gently reduces hair on the body. To be successful in laser therapy, the hair must be trapped in the anagen stage, therefore requiring laser therapy every four to six weeks in successive treatments.


Last but not the least Laser hair removal helps in hair removal at lightning rates. Larger hair-covered surface areas can be cleaned in minutes, so there is no sticky residue or downtime during work.

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