Movi Phone – Amazing phone with Built-in Projector


Manufacturers launch a new phone every once in a while. The purpose is to experiment and see if the new feature turns out to be good. We see phones with unusual features. Some attract the audience a lot and they buy them to experience what it is like to try something new. Whereas some do not and stick to their old phones.

There have been different kinds that have been introduced. There are phones with thermal imaging cameras and others with a near-infrared spectrometer. Another feature that we have seen on a phone is a built-in projector and its prime example is the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Earlier this year, a new phone called the Moviphone, showcased at CES 2018. It joined the shortlist of phones with a built-in projector.

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An American company Wireless Mobi Solutions made the Moviphone.

The best and the prominent feature of it is that it has a built-in projector with a projection size of up to 100-inches at a 720p resolution. Moviphone does this with the aid of a 50 lumens projection module, that is located at the top of the device.


The Moviphone is not so bad in terms of specs. Here we have some explained in detail.

  • It has a 5.5” inches display along with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is powered by MediaTek’s MT6750V processor and comes in with a RAM of 3GB + 32GB ROM and 4GB + 64GB variants. The phone also supports storage expansion up to (128GB max).
  • It has a 13MP rear camera housed in a circle like the Motorola series. Just beneath the camera, there is a fingerprint scanner. There is also an 8MP camera for selfies.
  • The Moviphone supports dual SIM support (micro+nano/microSD) and has a powerful 4000mAh battery. According to the company, the battery should last up to 4 hours with the projector turned on. The Moviphone runs Android Nougat.
  • With respect to design and build, the Moviphone has a metal body with a black coat.
  • There is a 2.5D glass in front and the phone also uses on-screen buttons.
  • Physical buttons are on the right side of the phone and the SIM tray is on the left side.
  • As it has a built-in projector, the phone is a bit thick. The dimensions on the site say that it measures 153.06 x 75.64 x 10.28 mm and weighs about 200g.
  • The Moviphone is priced at $599. It can be ordered on the official website. It comes unlocked and supports all wireless carriers in the US.
  • The company also mentioned that there are plans to release more models. One will have an 80 Lumens 1080p projector module built-in, with an $800 price tag.

How to use the projector?

Ever thought that you will carry around a projector in your pocket? Wireless Mobi Solutions has made it possible for you. With a resolution of 720p, you just have to download any movie on your phone and place it in front of a white wall. You will have your own pocket projector playing your favorite movie.

This can be planned with friends, family or anyone you want.

With the amazing battery, you won’t even have to worry about charging it while enjoying the movie. Just charge it completely and enjoy the movie. People got shocked when they saw that such a phone has been introduced. Many did not even believe but it is tried and tested.

This can also be an amazing tool for teachers who avoid writing on the whiteboard. Instead of writing everything on the whiteboard they can just take their slides with them on their phone and play it with their phones in the classroom.

Parents can also use it to innovatively teach their kids when they are growing. They can play poems and children’s songs on the projector. It has certainly changed the lives of millions.

So don’t think too much and grab your Moviphone today. Better late than never!

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