Motivation Mantras for Work from Home Team

Motivation Mantras for Work from Home Team

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been stressful for people of all ages. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and is causing strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress is an essential step to make the people around you more caring. Furthermore, coping with confinement is difficult for a lot of youngsters. The inner motivation which used to drive them towards goal completion has been diminished by the virus. However, this is not the end of the world, at least ‘NOT TODAY’. We all know that all men must die one day (Valar Morghulis) but till then all men must serve as well (Valar Dohearis).

Hence, brace your shoulders, take a deep breath and turn on your devices.

The government announced yesterday that all registered private limited companies and businesses having LLP registration in India should allow all the employees to work from home.
Here are some of the important mantras to all the teams who are doing work from home.

1. Develop a Routine and stick to it

Routine is an anchor. No matter what’s going on in our day, knowing that we will be having our favorite evening meal around 8 pm, and going to bed around 10 pm, can be relieving. The certainty of our routine can help us to manage the uncertainty that life throws up. Coping with unpredictable periods of time can feel more possible when we have a little structure in place. Having a routine can also help one to reduce the stress in this difficult time.

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2. Make your workspace friendly

The workplace is an important factor that needs to be comfortable and dedicated completely to your work at least, while you are working. If you can, try to give yourself a spot that’s clearly a working space. Whatever the situation you are working from – work from home on the couch with your laptop or sitting at the dining room table…make sure that your work area is as work-friendly as possible. This will help in enforcing boundaries by keeping you from getting distracted by other things.

3. Frequent communication with colleagues

Checking in with your employees or colleges as often as possible by sharing any updates and changes in the business can be crucial. Also, make sure to follow up on any major announcements. If your team is not used to working virtually, it might be helpful to run daily/weekly morning updates over video conferencing to help keep people on track and to be in touch with important information to your team. These meetings can help to keep people in touch and stay connected and serve as a way to share profit/losses from the prior day.

4. Define daily goals

A good day is made up of a series of these small achievable tasks. So whether that’s completing a blog, checking an application, or teaching students online, by building the right daily goals, you are building momentum and getting closer to reaching your larger goals every single day. Many people mentioned feeling more self-assured and procrastinating much less, thanks to their daily goals giving them a clear action plan for the day. Even if you did not achieve your goals, taking the time to write them down and prioritize them helped set your intentions for the day.

5. Map your distractions and get rid of them

Several behaviorists recognize that we are certainly going to get distracted and so why not direct it in a more efficient way as a means of rewarding yourself. This way, you will stay productive while working at home amidst COVID-19 lockdown. Set your timer and dedicate 30 minutes to your task. Then set a timer to 10 minutes where you can distract yourself with something mindless like watching random Youtube videos or scrolling Instagram. By doing this, our distractions can become purposeful and will not be a means to deviate from work.

6. Be Mindful about the fact that ‘We are All in This Together”

It is essential to create a sense of safety and collaboration during this time of crisis. One of the ways that the World war survivors beat the odds was by adopting the mindset that they were all in it together. No one was to be left behind. This quality of unity helped these brave individuals beat the odds by pattering into a shared sense of hope, loyalty, and courage. These inner resources that are hard to quantify in monetary terms but priceless to us all when we tackle with an unexpected change like Covid-19.

Thus, pay attention to your communication during this time. Give others the benefit of doubt, particularly when you are working remotely. If you find someone reacting in a manner that seems dismissive or defensive, bear in mind that this person may be trying to deflect overwhelming feelings of vulnerability through temporary displays of false bravado. Strive to maintain a tone of calmness in terms of your expectations of others, and of yourself, as we collectively strive against this calamity.

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