Motivate the Students with these Inspirational Movies

Motivate the Students with these Inspirational Movies
Motivate the Students with these Inspirational Movies

In this world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are still some students who are movie buffs. Till the day they are SRK fans and want to watch only his movies. Though Netflix and Prime have created rage over the millennial somewhere they are still indulged in the movies. It is because not only they are entertaining but some of them leave a mark on our minds. For some, they are motivating, and for some they are life-changing. 

When your life is messed up and you are freaked out, pick your remote and switch on your TV instead of a phone. Start some channels which are plays movies every day and freshen yourself. This is why we have come with a list of motivational movies for students. So, next time whenever you are upset or want to have a good feeling, then choose any one of the given movies and start watching them. 

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  • The Blind Side

It is an American Biography based on a sports drama which is written by John Lee Hancock. The Blind Side is a story that is based on the real-life of Michael Oher, who is a former professional football player. It is a story of a guy who was adopted by a family named Tuohys. The couple Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean offers shelter for a day and gave him a warm welcome. Leigh discovers his strength and passion for the game. Finally, Michael becomes a very renowned football player even after going through tough times.


  • Dead Poet’s Society

It is a movie in which an English teacher named John Keating surprises his students with his unorthodox teaching techniques. The students are very impressed by him and he ends up creating a huge impact on them. It is one of the best movies for students and teachers. This movie has been directed by Peter Weir and is written by Tom Schulman.


  • I am Kalam

This story is about a small kid named Chotu who belongs to poor families who works in a roadside Dhaba. He never holds himself back in difficult times by working hard. Being inspired by President Abdul Kalam, Chotu makes sure that he will study hard and become like him. Every student should become like Chotu and be sure about what they want.


  • Stand and Deliver

This is a sure shot movie that will make to every motivational movies list and that too without any fail. It is a true story based on the life of Jamie Escalante. He leaves his job for teaching mathematics with a team of rebellious students. Within two years, Jamie transforms his student’s life from struggles to success. It is the best movie for all the students to learn that everyone can be academically strong. All they need to be is focused and motivated.


  • The Breakfast Club

It is one of those motivational & entertainment movies that can be a story of every student. There are 5 students in the movie and all of them come from different families. The movie also tells how you can develop the strongest bonds with unknown people. It shows how different people can develop good bonds with each other.

These were some very important movies if you want to tell you, child or student, that motivation is important. is one such site that will tell about the topmost movies. You can read more about the motivational movies the same in our upcoming blogs. 

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