Most Demanding Brands of Quartz Countertops

Most Demanding Brands of Quartz Countertops

There are a number of choices to look over for home interiors but one that is consistently demanding for homeowners is quartz. This designed stone has surprised home holders for a very long time and now they know why it is one of the better decisions for materials choice. This artificial stone reached its peak in recent years. Today, while natural stones rock still the main decision for most property holders, quartz is now gaining fame speedily in both homeowners and countertops experts. 

Let’s have a brief knowledge about Quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are artificial-made countertops. Same as other marble, granite stones, quartz is also strong, attractive, and a little costly. One key factor about these countertops is they are because of the combination of other natural rocks so they are more resistant and durable. Engineers try to make this stone flawless so they seal them very appropriately. 

Because of the present progressed fabricating methods, organizations are creating stone counters that can equal the look and feel of the natural rock and offer durability, resistance as well as longevity. All quartz is equal in terms of hardness, resistance and has an equal warranty. 

If you are thinking of investing in quartz counters then consider some of the best fabricators. 

There are many makers of quartz countertops Herndon who are famous for doing their job differently with guarantees for a lifetime. Let’s have a look at some most demanding brands available today. 

  • Caesarstone
  • Silestone
  • Cambria Quartz Countertops
  • LG Viatera
  • Corian Quartz
  • HanStone
  • MSI Quartz
  • Solarstone

The 8 Most In Demand Brands Of Quartz Countertops For Kitchens


With more than 40 colors accessible in stores across the country, Caesarstone is the number of decisions in quartz stones. It has a wide range of styles from a more usual look as marble, to some contemporary and challenging surfaces. Caesarstone is consistently improving and developing its item range and has added styles that will perfectly find a way to fit into any kitchen theme.

What’s far better is the way that Caesarstone does not stop evolving. The brand is continually keeping its eyes on trends and color selections to wow homeowners. Ideally, they are working on providing better changes in the future as well.


Quite possibly the most mainstream brands in quartz among home holders and architects. Silestone is accessible in more than 60colors and styles. It is available through your kitchen plan firm also just as in design centers around the country. As there is such a wide collection to choose from, it can become a shaking and overwhelming task for you to pick a countertop that suits you and your interior. We recommend you look for a designer to help you pick a Silestone quartz countertop.

Who knows, they might give you a countertop that matches every inch of your home. This brand has more than 100 designs and patterns to look at. In particular, they offer a lifetime guarantee which isn’t normal in the quartz business. To make the arrangement significantly better, Cambria holds the differentiation of being the solitary producer that produces quartz in the US altogether. 

Cambria Quartz Countertops:

The Cambria is a top-of-the-line brand that is just accessible through selected stores and wholesalers. With more than 100 design styles and colors available, it’s anything but a lifetime guarantee. This luxury brand brags some of the most astonishing colors changes available and the most real-looking normal stone examples available, including an excellent impression marble. Cambria is the only brand that is completely produced in the United States. 

LG Viatera:

This item is fabricated by the well-known customer gadgets and machine organization LG. The Viatera line is made in Italy by LG and is available in 50 natural colors. With a wide choice of colors from “Snow Storm” to “Absolute Night” you’re sure to find the ideal colors for your new kitchen! 

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Corian Quartz:

This Quartz, once in the past known as Zodiaq, is a flexible line of quartz items fabricated by the chemical giant DuPont. Corian Quartz comes in more than 40 colors and different fascinating texture collections. They are available at design centers and box stores from one side of the country to the other. 


HanStone Quartz is made in North America. With multiple times the durability of granite it’s a countertops material that is ideal for cookery specialists and those families that invest a ton of energy in the kitchen. HanStone has seven unique collections and more than 50 styles intended to coordinate with a variety of kitchen plans. 

MSI Quartz:

MS International (MSI) was established in 1975 and is an exceptional surface supplier for private and business applications. MSI’s line of Q Premium Natural Quartz comes in many ironic cuts, heat, and stain-resistant styles and it’s anything but they have a lifetime private guarantee. 


Solarstone has been a main organization in the fabricated quartz industry. Since it delivered the first precise Calacatta marble plan quartz in 2014. It was the byproduct of quite a long while of advancement fully intent on making the best-fabricated portrayal of regular marble available. Up until this time the quartz business had zeroed in on stone plans, however, Polar stone was the first inventor remarking the interest in great marble plans. 


These eight most famous lines of quartz countertops offer you huge value, along with a massive number of decisions in style, shading, and surface for your kitchen. An amazing spot to start is by speaking with your kitchen and bath designer. 

They can assist you with picking the ideal countertops for your kitchen transformation. Today there are fabricated stones that look amazingly like limestone, marble, and granite. They’re available at a price point that fits practically any budget, and most importantly, quartz countertops can be an excellent choice for you in your fantasy kitchen.

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