Modular Homes- What are they?


A home built in a factory-like setting is a modified or modular home. The results of which are covered and transported to the location where the builders assemble them. People usually confused modular homes with mobile homes. However, they vary from each other. A modular home is built off-site and are commonly known as factory built, rehab, or system belt homes.

Modular homes can be completed in a matter of weeks as they are built indoors. This is because they don’t see the typical on- site delays from predominant weather. Also, modular homes are built following specific rules, building codes, and guidelines that offers homes better than the traditional houses built onsite.

While opting for a modified home, it is essential to look around to find better deals as not all the companies offering modified homes are the same. There can be differences in their quality, service, and price. So, while purchasing a building a modular house, it is essential to do your research first.

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Advantages of modified homes

Here are some of the benefits offered by modified homes-

  •   Durable

The module used in building a modified home is more durable than those built traditionally. Not only your prefabricated house had to meet the requirement but also has to withstand transport loads.

  •   Shorter construction time

A modular home can be built in a shorter duration of time. The reason behind lower construction time is more significant repeatability, automation, and more excellent teamwork while the house’s assembly onsite can be done in a few days.

  •   High quality of work

Modified homes are of higher quality than traditional houses. This is because of the detailed drawings made before starting the construction process. The well elaborated details offer higher health and safety levels. Thus, increases the quality of work.

  •   Speedy

Less investment means less cost for investors. Having a modified home will eliminate the need for renting rooms for your employees at the site. Also, a lower amount is required to be paid for modular homes.

  •   Negligible risk

Modular homes have a lower risk of theft or damage from third parties. There are changes of robbery in a house which is not adequately secured. The workers at the construction site building traditional houses can steal your building materials and equipment. But with a modular home, there is no chance of theft. Thus, you can save your materials and money by opting for a modular home.

  •   Lower price

This is the most significant advantage of a modular home. You can get a modular home built in a lower price than a traditional one. However, the price depends on the design, location, and materials you choose for your house.

  •     Acoustic

As compared to traditional houses, modular homes have got better acoustic. In a traditional house, the sound travels through the walls and ceilings, and so a floating floor is made to prevent the transmission of noise. However, in the case of modular homes, each of the modules is constructed separately. When connected in the house, the module prevents the transmission of noise from one place to the other.

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