Modern Design of Rectangular Bath

rectangular baths

In designing a bathroom, apart from other fixtures, the type and shape of the bath play a key role in the final look. Bette Bath being the largest fixture in bathroom decoration can entirely transform the style and aesthetics of décor. The rectangle bath is the most widely used bathtub in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. The sleek finish and generous capacity make them favorite with most of the homeowners in the UK.


The rectangular baths are easily available in the market in a large spectrum of sizes and shapes that ensure there is a perfect fit from large to small bathroom areas. The deep ergonomic interiors give a full soak and generous space to stretch out the body for maximum relaxation. The rectangular bath with modern design lines becomes the focal point of your bathroom décor while giving you the rest, wellness, and unwind you from the tiredness of a long hectic day. The clean, pure, and precise lines add an impressive feel while being very easy to clean and maintain.

rectangular baths

The rectangular bathtubs can be categorized into three models. In the first model, the width is usually smaller than the bath base giving a trapezoidal shape. The second model is the bath with a real rectangle exterior while in the third model the bath corners are ultrathin and slightly rounded in angle. All the models offer similar performance and space complementing the range of bathroom décor.

The rectangular baths are considered the timeless bath design that is equally suitable in the latest and classic interior designs. The linear shape and contemporary finish evoke the atmosphere of relaxation to your bathroom.


What are the Key Benefits of a Rectangular bath?

  1. Versatility

The versatile style and shape of the rectangle bath make it a seamless part of most of the bathroom décor. They are available in a wide range of sizes; thus, you can find a bath in compact dimensions for limited space or a freestanding version for a more pronounced bath appearance in a bathroom with a larger area. If you want to enjoy both the bath and a shower but do not have enough space for separate installation, just add a shower screen to your bath with a handheld shower to enjoy both in your limited space.

  1. Space Efficient

A rectangle bath is fitted against a wall and does not take much floor space while the wider bath interior provides enough space for relaxed bathing. The clean lines and minimalistic design create a sense of space.

  1. Cost-efficient

Rectangular bath is comparatively much less expensive than other models that make it a much more convincing choice for most of the homeowners in the UK. With being a cost-efficient option, these baths are easily available in a choice of materials, sizes, and finishes. Nearly all leading brands produce an extensive portfolio of rectangular baths that ensures there is always a bath for every individual’s requirements.

  1. Variety of Installation Options

A rectangle bathtub can support a variety of installation styles to fit in most of the bathroom interiors.

  1. Clean, linear appearance

The pure, precise, and clean design lines make rectangle baths a timeless piece for contemporary and classic settings. The minimalist format makes it easy to clean and add a luxurious feel with no compromise on performance.

  1. Deck space for additional storage space

The outer rim and bath deck provide extra space to keep shampoo and other accessories for easy access while soaking the bath.

  1. Generous interior space for a full soak

Nexus Home offers the rectangle bath gives you generous interior space and ergonomic angles to enjoy a full soak to unwind the tiredness of a busy day. Even in a compact bathroom area, you can have a bath that gives you enough space to stretch your body freely and enjoy a water massage.