Mini Skid Steer Attachment – Brush Cutter and Trencher


Mini skid steers also known as mini loaders are widely used especially in the construction and landscaping industry.  The mini skid steers are smaller than the standard skid steers and yet they perform amazingly and delivers good result on the construction site. Mini skid steers can be used along with mini skid steer attachment in small and compact places where the normal skid steer loaders cannot be used. The mini skid steer loaders have a lot of advantages over large skid steers.

It is very important to know that along with the machine or equipment, purchasing appropriate accessories and mini skid seer attachment equally matters. When the machine is paired with a perfect mini skid steer attachment, you can get your work done more effectively and efficiently. Let us now discuss the two important mini skid steer attachment – brush cutter and trencher.

Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is a tool that is used to trim small trees, weeds, and foliage that cannot be accessed by rotary mowers or lawnmowers. Brush cutters offer more versatility and power as compared to a line trimmer. But before using a brush cutter you have to learn the proper techniques of using it or it can cause severe injury. It has a definite cutting area and hence you can’t try to hack into the vegetation from the desired direction.

The blades of the brush cutter rotate in the counterclockwise direction, so while cutting you must move from right to left direction while cutting. The cutting zone of the brush cutter starts from the top of the blade to 900 left. You have to ensure that the machine should not get hit by any branch or stem or the machine might hit back at you leading to injuries.

This mini skid steer attachment offers different blade attachments using which you can cut different materials. This attachment is reliable and durable, especially when used and maintained properly, they can deliver amazing results.


The trencher is earthmoving equipment. It uses a metal chain having teeth to rip into the ground. The steel has high strength and it acts like a chainsaw, the only difference being – the chainsaw is used for trees and the trencher is used for ground. The trencher is of two types: ride-on trencher and walk-behind trencher.

The walk-behind trencher is called a portable trencher which you can use to dig trenches easily even in a narrow area. With a ride-on trencher, you can cover a good digging depth and it provides high performance as compared to walk-behind trenches.

You can use this mini skid steer attachment for various tasks. It is commonly used for creating drainage, cutting pavement, digging for electrical wires, shovelling, snipping roots, etc. While using trenches you should make sure that you are not working in rock-prone areas. Because the teeth of the trencher cannot cut through the areas having rock-like sediments. It can also cause damage to the machine, hence this precaution needs to be taken.