Mind-Blowing Care Tips for Fluffy Blankets


Fluffy blankets and throws are available in a large variety, which offers a consumer to bring variety in the existing look of his bedroom. They bring incredible comfort to the bed & also add an aesthetic touch to it. They are extensively used in the colder months, which can make them a bit rough and less stretchy. But if they are given proper attention, especially while washing, one can retain their softness & fluffiness ready for a movie night or to enjoy a lazy afternoon of football. Here’s how you can make your fluffy blankets last longer retaining their softness & freshness as new.

Mostly fluffy blankets can be washed in the washing machines using lukewarm water & mild detergent. When it comes to drying them, tumble drying or low heat drying is preferred. Let’s see it in more detail…

Cleaning Fluffy Blankets

1.   See the Care instructions provided on the tag

The very step is to see the care instruction provided on the tag or label. Read all of the instructions thoroughly if I include some specific ones for cleaning or drying. This is the best way to retain the softness & keep them snuggly soft for many coming years. Care instructions may include the following;

  • A specific heat setting or cycle setting for drying and cleaning respectively.
  • Detergent’s chemical composition instructions in case you have a colorful blanket.

Note that, if the blanket does not come with the care instruction label, you can follow the rest of our tips discussed in the article.

2.   Clean the stains before washing

It is always the best go-to choice to clean the stains before washing the whole blanket. Do not use a harsh chemical or bleaching agent for this purpose; instead, use a mild detergent that contains minimum chemicals or a dishwashing liquid. These stains can be oil, grease, or liquid stains, all you need is to drop the detergent/liquid soap on the stained area 7 let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Avoid rubbing the area to remove stains because it’ll spread the stain around & you’ll end up with a worse stain or damaged fibers.

3.   Put in the washing machine

In case there are any stains, clean them carefully (or follow the method stated above). Now, Throw the blanket in the washing machine, use a low setting & wait for the cycle to complete. Set the water supply to Lukewarm or normal. Always wash one blanket at a time in order to avoid the shedding or pilling due to friction or rubbing. Moreover, removing a single one at a time will clean it thoroughly because of the more space to spin.

Note that the machine agitator should not have cuts or extended structure on it, or it’ll ruin the fibers leading to early wear and tear.

4.   Softeners or whiteners

We do not recommend you to use any softener or whitener or a bleaching agent to make your topper soft, bright, & stain free. For softening the pile, add vinegar to the washing machine while washing or use a mild softener-water combo.

Drying Fluffy Blankets

The best way to dry them is air drying and tumble drying. So if you have a sturdy cloth line, stretch the blanket over it & let it dry naturally. It may take up to 24 hours for a dense topper to dry completely in the air. You can also dry it in your bedroom by spreading it over an iron stand & turning on the heater.

You can tumble dry them as well. It is the gentlest drying system & will eliminate the moisture by sucking it instead of using heat to dry it. Some dryers also offer air fluff drying, which is the best and most preferred way for drying bulky or padded toppers.

If you have a regular dryer, use the lowest possible heating to help the topper retain its fluff & make the shrinking unlikely. Although it’ll take more than average to dry them at the lowest heat setting but trust us, it is the best way to keep the blanket looking as fresh as new. You can also visit ImperialRooms UK store for purchase fluffy blankets and other products.