Microsoft has your back with Xamarin Mobile App Development

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Xamarin is one of the most popular open-source mobile UI frameworks in the tech industry. The platform solely focuses on the latest tools for writing native Android, iOS, and Windows apps and offers excellent native user interface services to numerous companies. As per the research reports, Xamarin is being used by more than 1.4 million developers in over 120 countries. Bosch, Siemens, Slack, Pinterest are some of the industry giants that are leveraging the potential of Xamarin. It is known for its cross-platform C# app development solution that has effectively helped developers to open new doors of opportunities in the mobile app development industry.


Experts at TechAhead, a leading mobile app development company, believe in ease of doing business for their clients. By choosing Xamarin mobile app development services, every major enterprise can take their business online more efficiently and assist their customers in every possible manner, resulting in an increase in the brand’s visibility and generating higher returns.


Microsoft has got your back with Xamarin Mobile App Development


Founded as a start-up, Xamarin made the headlines when tech giant Microsoft announced a venture with Xamarin’s mobile app development department. This was due to its single language framework C# and fast runtime that helped the developers to write only one C# CodeBase. The single language approach allows easy coding for apps and offers unlimited features in mobile apps production.


What Makes Xamarin a Better Choice for the Mobile App Development Services?


For commercial purposes, Xamarin offers two viable products, namely, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. Both of these variants are built on an open-source version of the .NET framework called Mono. These Mono .NET frameworks are based on the published .NET ECMA standard and allow the developers to run apps on numerous platforms such as Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, and macOS.


In other words, Xamarin assists mobile app developers in creating high-quality mobile apps that can smoothly run on Android and iOS devices. Additionally, with C#, mobile app development companies do not have to worry about learning complex programming languages and can narrow their focus on customers’ requirements. This in turn, makes sure that apps are viable to increase brand awareness, sales, and revenue.


Why Use Xamarin for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


Unlike other programming languages, Xamarin is an easy-to-use coding language that comes with a plethora of benefits. It allows speedy mobile app development and makes space for every top trend in the industry. Here’s why Xamarin is considered a robust app development solution for each business & industry.


  1. Cost-effective and Quick Lifecycle Support


One of the major advantages of Xamarin is its ability to simplify complex coding data into one single language programming. Also, Xamarin mobile app developers can exercise around 90% of the code and share it across all the three major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This significantly reduces app development costs and ensures shortened product development lifecycle.


  1. Comes with Offline Functionality


Xamarin helps in building such applications that are feasible in remote locations of a company. Such apps come with large database structures and allow features like Offline Sync for users’ potential data. So, in conditions such as internet breakdown, users can store their data on offline servers that are synced once the device is online.


  1. Powered With Modern Software


Xamarin allows mobile app development companies to use its exclusive and highly productive mobile and PC software (Mac iOS and Windows 10). This software helps mobile app development companies to produce a smart user interface mobile apps that are interactive, easy to handle, and can debug to ensure maximum outreach to the users.


  1. API Integration


The tech industry is one of the few industries which experiences regular trend changes or reversals. This is the core reason why companies are required to adopt such changes to maintain a strengthened position in the market. With Xamarin, developers can always support clients’ apps so that it enables them to add new features as soon as they come into the operating system.


  1. Xamarin Component Store


Xamarin Component Store is a virtual memory server platform that believes in collaboration and data sharing between one or more devices. Be it a smartwatch or a group of smartphones, Xamarin is backed with cross-platform libraries that developers can mix with third-party apps from Google Play Store and iTunes as a cloud computing hosting feature.


Partner with TechAhead for your next mobile app development


TechAhead is redefining excellence with Xamarin, being one of the earliest adopters of Xamarin app development and having years of experience in delivering web, mobile, and enterprise-level custom software and application services. For more than 11 years in providing world class mobile app development services, developers at TechAhead have used their technical expertise and in-depth domain knowledge to streamline the organization’s operations for optimal dominance.


With Microsoft and Xamarin as their trusted partners, TechAhead ensures that their clients achieve unique native performance and highly customized layout. Connect with TechAhead’s experienced team of mobile engineers with your specific requirements today and transform your business into a global brand.