The Menswear Pieces You’ll Never Regret Buying


When it comes to menswear, many assume that you can’t have any fun. Women keep experimenting with fashion, changing up styles, and trying new trends. Meanwhile, most men shy away from spicing up their wardrobes or switching up their styles. This is why it is highly likely that you’re seldom found outside your classic pair of khakis pants and one favorite shirt.

There are many reasons that most men don’t take their fashion as seriously as women do. A primary one is a laziness. Why make the extra effort when you’re simply getting by? Another, though, is one you probably don’t want to admit: you don’t really know where to start.

If you are one of the men who can’t even think of upgrading their wardrobe simply because they don’t know how to, don’t worry. Fashion is not as complex as it’s made out to be. By purchasing just a few, good menswear items, you can transform your whole look. Here are some of the items that every man should own.

A Durable Pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a lifesaver for most. Everyone has a favorite pair that they’ve worn into shape. But if yours is too ripped, frayed, and faded, it’s time to upgrade. Buy a pair of dark denim pants that can work with any outfit. There’s always room to experiment, but you should first cover your basics.

So, get yourself a classic pair of blue or black straight-cut jeans. You can wear it with a T-shirt, a button-down, a hoodie, or a pullover. Whatever season it is, you can always rock a good pair of jeans.

A Few Plain Polos

Polo shirts are the nice medium between a graphic tee (too casual) and a shirt (too uptight). If you’re wearing a solid-colored polo, you can look right at place anywhere—a first date, a business chat over coffee, or a Sunday brunch.

These days, you can find polo shirts in many different varieties. If you’re new to fashion, it’s best to stick to the basics. Any monochrome or fine-printed polo would do. Not everyone can pull off loud colors or huge logos, so avoid those.

A Brown Leather Belt

There’s a place for a brown leather belt in every man’s life and wardrobe. You can get a simple one with a silver or gold buckle, or a textured one for more personality. Either way, a brown belt can do no wrong. Just make sure you don’t go too overboard with the buckle design, though.

You can quickly dress up any outfit by adding a belt. Just tuck in your shirt and don the belt, and voila! A new man!

A Wristwatch

Have you noticed that most important people never have their wrist empty? This is because wristwatches are usually associated with luxury. You don’t even have to be a CEO to show one-off. With no many designs and price ranges available in the market, anyone can add a wristwatch to their daily look.

Also, many people have abandoned the classic wristwatch as they now use smartphones to tell the time. This is why those who continue to wear one now stand out. There’s something about an old-timey (get it?) look that still manages to charm.

A Pair of Boots

A nice pair of boots can be your most faithful companion after your dog. Not too formal, not too casual, boots can immediately elevate your look—and not just literally. Most boots are in neutral tones and go well with all sorts of clothes.  Also, they’re comfortable and tough. This is why you can get the most use of them. Whether you’re on a road trip or a trek, a comfortable pair of boots will never fail you.

A Classic White T-Shirt

A plain white T-Shirt is the simplest piece of clothing you could own. Yet, its simplicity packs a punch greater than all graphic tees combined. You cannot go wrong with a white tee, ever. Whether you pair it with blue or black jeans, dark chinos, or a pair of shorts, you’re good to go. A white cotton T-Shirt is cool to wear and look at, and looks good on everyone! Whatever the color of your skin or the size of your body, you can carry off the classic white tee look.

A Black Suit

An essential for all occasions, a black suit really pays its worth. You can wear one to a business meeting, a presentation, or an interview. You can wear it to a wedding, or a funeral. There’s no end to the utility of a black suit.

Also, you can always pair it up with different colored shirts or ties. Since black goes well with everything, you can never quite get it wrong.