Which rug materials are found in an online rug store?


When you are planning to upgrade your home décor, you might consider using rugs instead of carpets. You look for rugs in online rug store; choose their shape, design, pattern, and colors. But along with these specialities, you must not overlook the importance of its material. The fibre which is used to manufacture it is very significant.

Choosing the right material for the right place is the key when buying a rug online. Every kind of fibre serves a different purpose. While dealing with the rug dealer online, you should be clear about your preferences so that they can guide you about the material of the rugs. We all believe that the aesthetics of a living place is very important but do not underestimate the quality of a product. 

There are plenty of options online when you are looking for a rug. The most common rug materials that are found in online rug store are:

  1. Wool rugs
  2. Natural fibre rugs
  3. Cotton rugs
  4. Jute rugs
  5. Synthetic rugs

Wool rugs:

  • Wool rugs are one of the softest rugs available whether online or in stores. This material is preferred by most homeowners.
  • Wool rugs are used for warmth purposes. Their soft texture gives warmth and a soothing effect to its surrounding.
  • They are available at an online rug store in modern, traditional, transitional, graphical, and neutral designs. 
  • There are woolen rugs both hand-woven and machine-loomed. Both types can be maintained by using a vacuum cleaner.
  • They are durable and stain-resistant. They can be used for high-traffic areas such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

Natural fibre rugs:

  • Natural fibre rugs are also commonly used in many households because of their organic property. 
  • If you want an area rug for a casual basis, you should consider buying a natural fibre rug. It gives a classic and simple look to your home.
  • They have straight casual patterns in them. They are simple-toned but very classic. they have a neutral texture which makes them applicable in many areas of your home.
  • They are mostly hand-woven with a flat layer of natural fibre. That is why they are easy to clean. 
  • Their natural fibre makes it an absorbent bit they are not that durable because of their single layer. They can be used as small foot mats or doormats.

Cotton rugs:

  • Cotton rugs are very stylish rugs with an artistic feel. They are usually made of simple cotton blended fibre for a normal household.
  • If you want to have a modern outlook of your living area then look out for some cool cotton rugs available at rug store online with amazing looks.
  • They are designed with bold and colorful patterns which complement your aesthetic sense in home décor. You can ask for bordered or abstract designs in cotton rugs through the rug dealers online.
  • They are also both hand-woven and machine-loomed. They can be washed but you have to protect them from direct sunlight.
  • As far durability is concerned cotton rugs are not that durable which is why they are not suitable for high traffic areas. They can be used in the kitchen or bathrooms.

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4. Jute rugs:

  • This type of rug is made from a specific material that comes out of plants. They are soft and also less expensive.
  • If you want something which looks like wool, jute rugs are the ones. They look fresh and earthly even when torn giving a neat and clean vibe to your household. 
  • They are single layered and have a straight or earthly pattern which gives a modern but sophisticated look to the area of placement.
  • They are mostly hand-woven but can also be crafted through machines. They are absorbent but to some extent. They also need vacuum cleaning.
  • Due to its single weave, jute rugs are not that durable that is why they are cannot be used for high traffic area. They are suitable for bedrooms and study rooms.

Synthetic rugs:

  • Synthetic rugs as the name suggests are mostly machine-loomed rugs, they look like wool and jute but are made of synthetic material.
  • They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes as they are manufactured with strong fibre with modern crafting techniques.
  • They are stylish rugs with graphical and bordered type patterns on them. They come in many different colors and combinations in rug store
  • They can resist stains and are water absorbent too. They can be maintained by vacuum cleaning.
  • They are quite durable and can be used in high or low traffic areas such as the kitchen, basement, living room, and laundry room.


Various rugs are found in different textures, designs, colors, and materials in online rug store according to your taste in home décor. There is a rug dealer who can guide you on which type of rug material you should go for, following your requirements and area of use. Be wise and creative when purchasing the right rug material.