Malaysia Is A Perfect Place For Expatriate Families And Children


For families who are relocating internationally, education is a top priority. Where children will attend school, what curriculum they will utilize, and what this means for their future are all considerations that parents in these families have. In fact, many families choose their new home based on what kind of educational opportunities are available for their children. 

Whether you are interested in a UK-based or an Indian curriculum for your child – or something else entirely – there are so many options in the beautiful country of Malaysia. This Asian nation boasts a top-ten rating for schooling, including universities that are in the top 400 globally. If you want the best for your child, consider Malaysia as your family’s new home. 

A Quietly Comfortable Economic Climate 

When you think of wealthy, comfortable nations, you may not think of Malaysia right away. That’s because this country doesn’t broadcast its economic stability the same way many others do. However, Malaysia is just as wealthy as it is rich in cultural traditions and diverse heritage. 

One of the reasons for the stability of most Malaysian families is that standards of living are high, while the relative cost of living is quite low. A family can comfortably live on the approximate equivalent of less than $300 (USD) monthly, making it one of the most affordable places to live. What’s more, this low cost of living doesn’t mean low standards; most families have everyday luxuries like multiple vehicles, swimming pools, high-end electronics, and more. 

You could be forgiven for not knowing all of this about Malaysia, as the nation strives to be seen as hardworking and forward-thinking without the same grandeur that other countries may demand. The larger cities – such as the capital of Kuala Lumpur – are a testament to the love and embracing of Western industrialization in the area. Gleaming buildings powered by cutting-edge technology are commonplace in these areas – and so are world-renowned Indian schools in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere.  

The Big Benefits of Studying in Malaysia 

Malaysia is a beautiful place to live, but what does the country offer for families with children? 

The educational environment is one of the best and fastest-growing in the world. Private schools are especially popular in Malaysia, as the higher standard of education is a favorite of local families. Expatriate families enjoy the offerings of international schools in the area, combining local traditions and culture with global perspectives and widely-accepted standards of excellence in instruction. 

While choosing a local, private school for your child can offer immersion in the language and culture of Malaysia, so too can sending them to an international school. In addition to this, international schools in the area follow some of the most well-known curricula worldwide to provide your student with additional perspectives that will help them feel at home in Asia and anywhere else that they may travel. 

If cultural and language education is a priority for your family, international schools are a great option. Look for a school that offers several options for cultural studies, which may include arts education and heritage classes, as well. In many of these schools, students who are originally from another area can connect with the roots of Malaysian culture while also maintaining and celebrating their own traditions, something that international schools prioritize. Religious studies are also available in some institutions, ranging from Muslim and Buddhist to Taoist and Christian traditions. With options for instruction in Malay, Chinese, English, and more, international schools cater to the needs of every expat family – and that includes yours!

Plenty of Opportunities for Post-Education Employment

If your child decides to enter the workforce directly after their secondary education, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Malaysia for them. As mentioned above, its larger cities are bedrocks for globalization and industrialization. With a thriving cultural scene, the nation is home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and resorts in Asia. Heavy tourism for the area’s beautiful beaches and sparkling cities means that employment is always easy to find – even without a college education. 

A university degree will certainly help your child make more money and realize more lucrative employment, of course. Malaysian universities offer some of the best education worldwide and will help prepare your student for life in any nation. No matter what their career goals may be, they can find the building blocks to success in Malaysian schools. 

The education provided to expatriate students via international schools is designed to help these students prepare for a life as a promising global citizen. No matter where life takes them, the foundations they build in the halls of their international school will help make the path forward easier and more fruitful.