Making Vaping Better Than Smoking


Here’s a quick fact: electronic cigarettes are not approved as smoking cessation tools. However, according to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), they have the potential to help smokers turn their backs on smoking for good.

Everyone is well-aware of the serious health implications of smoking. They range anywhere from periodontal disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease to lung cancer. If you want to considerably lower your risk of one day facing these deadly health problems and more, it’s a wonderful idea to vape instead of smoke.

It’s true that vaping devices and cigarette sticks are unlike each other, especially when it comes to their appearance and how they feel in the hands and between the lips. However, no one can deny that one is better than the other health-wise.

Fret not if you are worried that the use of an electronic cigarette won’t leave you completely happy and satisfied. There are some steps that you may take to make vaping better than smoking, which is essential to keep you from going back to your old habit.

Get a High-quality Device

To make vaping several times better than cigarette smoking, it’s a must that you get your hands on a high-quality device. There’s no need to opt for the most expensive or newest unit in the market. For as long as it’s something that is highly recommended by your family and friends and vapers on a forum site, then you may go for it.

Investing in something that comes from a reputable manufacturer and has lots of rave reviews can help considerably increase the odds that you will love vaping.

Replace or Upgrade Components

One of the best things about many of today’s electronic cigarettes is that they are customizable. It can be done by upgrading some of the parts. Whether you just stepped foot in the world of vaping or you have been vaping for years now, you can choose to modify the device you are using to make it match your personality and needs more.

Aside from the functionality, you can also customize your electronic cigarette’s appearance. By installing eye-catching components, you can shine each time you whip your device out of your pocket or bag to vape.

Experiment With Different Flavours

When it comes to cigarette smoking, you have a couple of options flavour-wise: regular and menthol. It’s a completely different story in terms of vaping. That’s because you can choose from not one, not two, but hundreds of different flavours!

Available options can range anywhere from fruits and desserts to alcoholic beverages. There are even those that mimic the taste of popular cigarette brands. No matter what you choose, make sure that it goes well with your taste buds. Feel free to shift to a different flavour every week or so — it’s virtually impossible for you to run out of something new to try.

Learn Fun and Entertaining Tricks

Because vaping devices are capable of producing incredibly thick vapour, you have the opportunity to make every use of your electronic cigarette a fun and exciting experience for you as well as everyone else around you. This can be done by performing tricks, many of which can be quite easy to learn and master.

Online, there is never a shortage of tutorial videos that can help you get started. Sooner or later, you may consider sharing your impressive vaping skills by creating and posting helpful tutorial videos of your own!