Make It Sparkle: How to Clean a Fridge in 5 Simple Steps


9% of foodborne illnesses start in a home’s kitchen.

Take a second to think of all of the foot traffic coming in and out of your kitchen. It’s where you cook dinner, grab snacks, drop off groceries, and eat with your family. No surface is safe from germs and bacteria.

While cleaning areas such as your sink and kitchen countertops are obvious, many people forget to regularly clean their fridges. The fridge holds a majority of our food and drinks, some of those items being way past their welcome.

Below is a quick guide on how to clean a fridge in five easy steps. Set aside time to read this article, and then go grab your cleaning gloves!

  1. Empty the Contents

One of the most crucial steps to fridge maintenance is taking the time to empty the entire fridge before you clean it. Lay down some towels on your counters to create a space for your chilled items.

As you clean out your fridge’s contents, throw away anything expired or leaking. Keep a few wipes on deck for any dirty containers.

  1. Take Out Removable Shelves and Drawers

When you deep clean a fridge, don’t forget to carefully remove the drawers and shelves. You’ll be surprised at how much gunk is trapped behind and under these components.

To wash them, use warm water, a clean sponge, and dish detergent. Set them on clean towels to air-dry as you work on the rest of your fridge.

  1. Clean the Interior

Create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of warm water and white vinegar. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and then use it to wipe away germs.

Do you have some food stains refusing to come out? Sprinkle a tiny bit of baking soda on tough spots. Then dip a toothbrush in the vinegar solution and scrub the baking soda spot until clean.

To disinfect the interior, dip another cloth into a mixture of bleach and warm water. Wipe down the interior, and let the fridge dry on its own.

  1. Grab Your Drawers and Shelves

Once the fridge is dry, grab your dry drawers and shelves. Carefully slide them back into place.

Before placing your food back into the fridge, do a quick inspection of your fridge to guarantee everything is working correctly. If you have a maintenance issue, find local appliance repair services to help.

  1. Restock Your Fridge

Is everything working correctly? Reload your fridge with clean containers and fresh food. Make sure to place everything in the correct drawers.

The inside of your fridge is now good to go. If you have some time left on your hands, use the vinegar cleaning solution to wipe down the outside doors and handles.

Fresh and Clean: How to Clean a Fridge

Don’t neglect cleaning your kitchen because that’s where tons of germs love to live. Make sure you know how to clean a fridge to get the job done right!

Throwing away expired food, cleaning up spills, and tidying up the fridge drawers will allow your family to feel safer as they eat homemade meals. There’s no telling what sickness may occur with a nasty fridge.

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