Make a Simple Magnetic Box for a Single Deported Eyeshadows

Make a Simple Magnetic Box for a Single Deported Eyeshadows
Make a Simple Magnetic Box for a Single Deported Eyeshadows

Struggling enough with keeping your individual eyeshadows safe froM damage or tired of holding the whole pallet when you need just one or two shades most of the time?

The frustration is understandable as makeup costs a fortune, but custom eyeshadow boxes  do not. Do not get stuck in YouTube rabbit-hole, finding a solution to store your eyeshadows as everything that is glitter is not gold. 

No one is stopping you from making that DIY paper box or use old small containers to transfer your eyeshadow. Still, you can always come here to look for or the most effective way to make yourself a box that can be used for a lifetime without any damage to the product and the box itself. 

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Custom product boxes

Custom eyeshadow boxes are the benchmark for product packaging, durability, and functionality, along with sustainability and affordability. There is no reason not to get customized eyeshadow packaging boxes. 

What is stopping you? 

Well, that is great as you have decided to give it a try, and you surely will never regret getting customized packaging for your product.

Without any further ado, let’s get onto creating effective and protective individual eyeshadow boxes and the instructions you need to give to your packaging provider. 

Discuss Dimensions 

Product box dimensions are of great concern when it comes to protection. There is no such thing as a standard box for a particular product. It is essential to understand the importance of correctly fitting sizes to ensure product safety.

To make the best out of custom boxes, go for sizes that hold the product in place. Do not hesitate to use box inserts if necessary as customization offers affordable means to create durable packaging for the product of every type from the smallest to the most robust.

Ponder the prints 

We all know it is hard to let go of our favorite shade, whether it is an eyeshadow or lipstick. Letting go would be so hard, we did not know. So, it is evident that you are going to use your favorite eyeshadow for the other 968574 years. 

Why not get some custom printing on custom eyeshadow boxes to make them more personalized and easy to find and use when required. For instance, custom names or colors on the box that represent the color of the shade that has to be placed inside the box with foiling around the corners.

Fascinating and luxurious!

Talking of the material

… Please do not underestimate the power of the material that is used to manufacture custom product boxes as they play an important role in determining the strength and quality of the box.

Cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard offer ultimate strength. They are highly adjustable when it comes to durability. For instance, corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper can be enhanced in terms of strength by layering more layers of fluted sheets and liners. They not only offer protection but also improve the quality and life of a box. 

Refine and define 

Packaging speaks for the quality and worth of the product. It also gives a presentable and display-worthy product box. High-end material like rigid cardboard provides a clean and polished surface to go with custom printing and laminations. 

Let your manufacturer know your requirements regarding product use to ensure the right packaging as per your needs. 

Eyeshadows are delicate and need proper care to prevent spoiling before time. Laminations are plastic coverings in different finishes like glossy or matte. They create a protective coating on the boxes, which makes them water and moisture-proof. It gives feasible and convenient mobility to the product wherever you go. You can keep them in your handbag or take along to the beach for touch-ups. 

It can be hard at times to choose what suits your needs the best. But if you understand your products, it is a matter of moments to create adequate packaging. There are a lot of companies that offer custom product packaging from scratch to ensure ultimate benefits according to customers’ requirements. It allows you to make changes where required and being creative with the designs. Custom packaging in wholesale is the most affordable yet premium than other alternatives that are available in the market. 

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