Major Things to Consider Before Buying A Two Wheeler in India


Are you planning to invest in personal transport? 

If your answer to the question above is yes, we highly recommend you to go for two-wheeler transport.

The increasing two-wheeler trend has made it popular among people of all ages. Before purchasing a brand new two-wheeler, here are some things you must know.


There is no doubt that the ease and comfort offered by personal commute are unmatched. However, the roads in India are overcrowded at most times. The routine traffic makes the drive less exciting. Yet, two-wheelers tend to be an excellent way to tackle the traffic. A two-wheeler is a compact vehicle that consumes less parking space, and hence, aids commutation through over-crowded roads. Greater fuel-efficiency makes it environmentally friendly as well. It also does not require extensive maintenance.


Now that you know two-wheelers are a safe bet, you can choose a model that meets your budget and other design requirements. But before picking one, you must know what to look for.

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  1. The Budget bracket

Keeping in mind the maintenance and the fuel cost, one must decide the amount they are willing to spend. Price is a paramount concern when buying a new vehicle. Therefore, you need to be mindful of your income, expenditure, and savings.

Bajaj bikes price list is a relief to the wallet as it gives you an idea of the amount required even before you go shopping for your chosen bike. 

  1. The preference of the type

While some people like the roar of a motorbike engine, others prefer the comfort of a scooter. Both have their benefits, and choosing one over the other requires understanding them.

Things to take care of when picking between the two:

  1. The storage space offered by each– The company and the model design determine the storage space provided by the two-wheeler.
  2. The gearless features– Scooters do not have a power gearbox, unlike a motorbike.

iii. The distance to be travelled– Both bikes and scooters are perfect for daily commute in cities. However, bikes are a preferred choice for long-distance and rough-terrain travel.

  1. The weight of the vehicle– The weight of the bike should suit the rider’s physical capacity. It must not cause seating or balancing discomfort.
  1. New vehicle or a second-hand bike?

Though it costs less than a factory-finished model, you need to perform a condition check when buying a second-hand product. You should also make sure that the dealer is reliable and owns the necessary documents related to the product.

  1. The mileage of the two-wheeler

The mileage is an essential consideration when it comes to finalising a particular two-wheeler vehicle.

Mileage of a bike is the distance covered per litre of the fuel. Higher the mileage, the better is the model. While most bikes offer a mileage of 80 km per litre, the best mileage bikes in India might go as high as 90-95 km per litre. One popular example is the Bajaj CT 100.

  1. The resale value

Most people around the world purchase a vehicle, use it for two to three years and shift on to an updated version. Therefore, you must be aware of the resale value of the vehicle you wish to purchase. Resale value is dependent on the brand, the year of purchase, and the condition of the bike.

  1. Maintenance and servicing

Routine servicing is what keeps a vehicle in good condition. It also helps avoid any problems or dysfunction in the long run. Therefore, you should make sure that the incurred maintenance costs are low, and the service centre is accessible for the bike you purchase. One can look for feedback from previous buyers to make sure the brand delivers what it promises to in terms of service.

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