Lighting Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor Lighting

There’s nothing better than soaking up the sun in your outdoor area but the entertainment shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down. Setting up your outdoor lighting means you can spend hours on end in your entertainment areas. Create ambience, comfort, functionality, and design with the right outdoor lighting solution for your space. When it comes to picking the right lighting your options are almost endless. We’ve put together a few of our favourite types and just how you can utilise them in your outdoor living areas.

Outdoor Lighting

String Lights

String lights are probably the most common when it comes to outdoor lighting. Think beyond the tired old string of fairy lights. Theirs big festoon bulb strings, different shapes, colours, and lengths that you have to play with. You can string these up around pergolas and patios, along fencing or wall lines, or over dining areas for the desired affect. String lights will bring a bit of magic to any setting.

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Strip Lighting 

If string lighting has you thinking above your head, strip lighting wants you to think below your feet. Illuminating spaces at ground level lends itself particularly well to outdoor areas. Strip lighting allows you to run a strip of LED lights under the edge of steps, around decking, or along the edges of pathways. This not only helps you and your guests navigate your backyard when the sun goes down but adds an ambient glow to your home.

Floor Lamps 

As trends progress in outdoor design, we’re seeing the outdoor spaces of the home considered more and more as extensions of the indoor rather than separate entities. Outdoor floor lamps are a great way to elevate the design of your outdoor setting. Bring the comfort of the indoors, out, with an illuminating floor lamp that will create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining. While an outdoor lamp won’t be made of the same materials as one made for the indoors, it’s important to look for the most durable and weatherproof materials you can. If possible keep your lamp in an undercover or protected area.

Outdoor Lighting

Solar Lighting 

What better way to power your outdoor lighting than the power of the sun. Utilise all those hours of daylight to keep your yard lit up during the evenings. Solar not only looks good, but it’s good for the environment and your electricity bill too.

Torches & Candles

Pay homage to the beautiful nature of being outdoors with a torch or candle lighting. The light of a natural flame adds depth to any space. You can also find stylish candle holders or torches that further compliment the design of your space. Ensure any open flames are never left unattended and that any little ones running around keep a safe distance from the flames.

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