Does Period Blood Make a Man Fall in Love?

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So love screwed you up, too, right? You are at a point where you are thinking about going on this path of period blood magic and love potions. Fair play! Everything is fair in love and war. We get it, girl; you are willing to make your man obsessed with you no matter what it takes. Well, we are here to make you understand some facts and figures about whether period blood makes a man fall in love. Get along with us to figure out the power of your period blood and uncover your primary concern: can you really make a man fall in love with you?

Does Period Blood Make a Man Fall in Love: Know the Truth

I hate to disappoint you, my girl, but your period blood cannot make a man fall in love with you. The blood alone does not have the power to make a man fall in love. As you are an amateur in this field, it is impossible for you to make it all happen. Your search on the internet indicates you have little to no knowledge about period blood spells. However, this method requires more than just knowledge, and you will need to practice magic to make a love potion through your period blood. You can use practical magic along with other variables to make someone fall in love with you. We are spitting the facts only, so be aware before you hop onto this decision. Trust me, no man is worth getting you in trouble.

The Influence of Period Blood on Falling in Love: Fact or Fiction

If you still have decided to step into menstrual blood powers, know that the risks are all yours. By the way, nothing can convince a man to fall in love than love itself! We are not against your struggles, but it’s a scary business. Love spells with periods and proper rituals can make a man fall in love with you, but the actions are intense. Your moves and actions have some serious consequences. There is always a payback time when it comes to spells or sorcery. Be aware of that, too! When the strong influence of your period blood comes in contact with magic, you can get your desired results.

Drinking Period Blood

Most of the lovers go beyond just using period blood in rituals. Some of you are considering making your husband, lover, crush, or partner drink your period blood. You must have concerns like, can I make a man fall in love with me if I give him my period blood to drink? Or is it black magic to give my boyfriend menstruation to make him fall in love with me?

Well, it is not going to do much; it won’t make him fall in love with you. For instance, if you are a daredevil, you must know drinking blood in a small amount is not harmful, but if the quantity exceeds more than a few teaspoons, you may lose your man forever to a deadly disease. Giving your man your period blood to drink is unethical; it can turn into a dangerous health hazard, too. It can cause him to have iron overload or hemochromatosis and other deadly diseases.

What Energy Does Period Blood Hold?

Contrary to multiple beliefs, period blood is used in various magic practices. We cannot deny the mystic power of this blood in sorcery, as it is the intent of most of the black magic. Although some consider it a sign of purity, gift, and piousness, others do not even want to get close to it. Your man may be one of them. Anyway, as our main concern is if the period blood can make a man fall in love with you – it all depends on different factors. A few of these are:

  • Power of period blood
  • The energy of period blood
  • Your belief system

According to historical cultures, menstrual blood, or period blood, was considered so powerful and sacred that it had the power to destroy enemies. If that’s the situation, then there might be a way and a chance to make a man fall in love with you with your period blood.

Celestial Energy of Period Blood

Keeping the debate “Can period blood make a man fall in love” aside, let’s take a dig at the power of menstrual blood. There have been so many stories of the period of blood being used in black magic, rituals, and sorcery. The main target behind this unethical practice is to attain personal goals, let alone make a man fall in love with you. Although there is no such logical or scientific explanation of period blood’s power, the association of period blood, the mystic energy of the moon, and magic are real. This fact makes period blood a powerful intent for any love potion.

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Period Blood Love Potion: Making Him Fall For You

Menstrual or period blood has different meanings, significance, and discarded ways based on various factors. For witches and masters of magic, period blood, and menstruation are a blessing and a gift from nature. They have the following views about this monthly blood:

  • It is the intent of the magic
  • Compelling time
  • Your menstrual cycle can connect your body to the universe.
  • It symbolizes personal growth and transformation.

Using Period Blood to Remove Negativity from Your Relationship

Even before you use your blood to make him fall for you, first ensure to remove all negativities between you two! It is not guaranteed that he will fall in love with you; however, it will definitely affect your connection. Let’s know how you can use your period blood to remove unwanted negativity and eventually make him fall in love with you. Follow these simple steps:

  • Collect any sharp, harmful object. It can be a broken glass, nails, screws, tacks, etc.
  • Put them in a jar and add your period blood in it, too.
  • Bury this jar under the ground and near your home.
  • It will protect you and your lover from any negative entity that is trying to tear you apart.

Clean-up Your Lives

There is always a feeling of pain you might have experienced in any relationship or crush situation. People around you are ready to create trouble when they see you two happy. You either feel rejected or just hanging by a thread; let’s put a stop to this tract of endless pain. It’s time to put your miseries to end by using your period blood. To clean up both of your lives and attract happiness, follow these following simple steps:

  • Put your period blood in a jar, and we will be using it as ink.
  • Grab a clear paper
  • Write down the names of people or situations causing trouble between you and your lover.
  • Done with your list? Now, get ready to play with the fire. Burn down that list and watch it turn into ashes.
  • Keep looking into the burning list and recall all that pain.
  • Imagine it all burning alongside this fire and leaving your energetic field.

After that, go for a clean, relaxing bath and believe that all of your negativity is washed away. This cleansing ritual will help you both feel connected with each other. After this, show him all your affection to make your man fall in love.

Does Period Blood Really Make a Man Fall in Love?

There are multiple schools of thought, myths, and superstitions about period blood; some consider it holy, and others unclean. Although the power of period blood cannot be denied, it does not mean it can make a man fall in love. Period blood alone is not enough to make a man fall for you. You will be required to have the assistance of black magic practitioners. Period blood can only go along with making him fall in love with you if it’s matched with prevalent practices. It may sound exciting, but it involves some unknown risks, too.


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