The Basic Variations of Chocolates

Variations Chocolates

Chocolate is something that is loved by almost everyone. Also, there are endless varieties of chocolates that are available these days and they come in endless flavors one can try them depending on what their preference for eating chocolate is.

We all know that the major ingredient that is needed to make chocolate is cacao (any chocolate is made of that except milk chocolate) and what type of chocolate will it completely depends on what is the amount of cacao beans present in it.

If one wants to send chocolates to Islamabad online, there are plenty of chocolate sites are there which deliver them to different countries as well. Hence one can easily order online. These are the basic variations from which one can choose:

Dark Chocolates

This is the variation of the chocolate which is made full of cacao beans and with the liquids that are extracted from it. In most authentic dark chocolates, there is at least 65 to 70 percent of cocoa per 100-gram bar. Hence these chocolate bars are very much bitter in taste and one can have them because they do have a lot of health benefits. This is the only variation of chocolates when eaten can reduce stress and lower the level of bad cholesterol in the human body. In fact, it also prevents the heart from any sudden attacks. It is suggested that one can have at least 2 ounces of dark chocolates every week so that they can be at good health.

Bittersweet Chocolate

This is another variation that tastes semi-sweet. They are mostly made from around 40 percent of chocolate liquor and apart from that cocoa butter is present there too. Sugar is definitely used to make this chocolate but the amount of sugar used completely depends on what variety of chocolate it is. In most cases, these semi-sweet chocolates have very little sugar in them.

Bittersweet Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

This one is really popular when it comes to chocolates and this is immensely popular among children. They are mostly made with a mixture of milk powder, condensed milk, and sugar. As a result, they not only look white but they have an extremely creamy texture. This also tastes really sweet and so one knows that a lot of sugar is used in it. One can use this variation of chocolate for baking purposes as well because they melt really quickly and make the batter very smooth and creamy.

White Chocolate

They taste really sweet. In fact, no cocoa is needed to make this chocolate and so this is not even considered to be a part of the traditional chocolate family. Here the ingredients that are mostly used are cocoa butter, sugar, and milk. As they do not contain cocoa they do not have any antioxidants as well.
One can always send cheap chocolates to Islamabad, all thanks to online chocolate sites these days. One just has to order and pay before it gets delivered timely.

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