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Robin Williams was an American actor and comedian born on 21 July 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. He is best known for his manic standup routines and his diverse film performances. His birth name is Robin McLaurin Williams but he is known by his stage name Robin Williams. He is famous for his improvisational skills and is considered one of the best comedians of all time. In the mid-1970s, he started performing as a stand-up comedian in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In 1980, Robin released various comedy albums including ‘Reality’ and ‘What a Concept.’ He gained fame after appearing in the lead role of alien Mork in the ABC sitcom titled “Mork & Mindy” from 1972-1978. Robin Williams had been a part of this industry from 1976- 2014.

Robin Williams has an estimated net worth of $50 million approximately.

Robin Williams Early Life

Robin McLaurin Williams was born on 21 July 1951 at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams has worked as a senior executive at Lincoln Motor Company whereas his mother Laurie McLaurin was a former model from New Orleans, Jackson, Mississippi. Robin had two older step-brothers: a paternal step-brother Robert and a maternal step-brother McLaurin.

He grew up in a prominent family under his father’s Episcopal beliefs. Robin attended ‘Groton Elementary School’ in Lake Forest. He received his high school education from ‘Lake Forest School District 67.’ In late 1963, Robin was 12 years old when his father got transferred to Detroit. After moving, they started living in a 40-room farmhouse built on 20 acres located in suburban Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He studied in the private ‘Detroit Country Day School.’ Robin was a bright kid, a member of the school’s wrestling team, and elected as president of the class.

Robin had working parents, so he was partially raised by his maid. At the age of 16, his father resigned and they moved to Tiburon, California. After moving to Tiburon, Robin attended ‘Redwood High School’ in Larkspur and graduated in 1969. After graduating from high school, he went to study political science at ‘Claremont’s Men’s College’ in Claremont, California. Later, he dropped out of college to pursue his acting career.

Robin attended a community college, ‘College of Marin’ in Kentfield, California, and studied theater for 3 years. His drama professor, James Dunn, was impressed with his performance as ‘Fagin’ in the musical ‘Oliver.’ In 1973, Robin received a complete scholarship to the ‘Juilliard School’ in New York City. There he met his longtime friend and future Superman star ‘Christopher Reeve.’ That year he along with Christopher Reeve got selected for the advanced program in school.

In midsummer of 1974, 1975, and 1976, Robin served as a busboy at ‘The Trident’ located in Sausalito, California. During his junior year in 1976, Robin left Julliard at the advice of Houseman.

Robin Williams Career

In 1976, Robin Williams started performing as a stand-up comedian in the San Francisco Bay Area. He did his debut performance at a comedy club house ‘Holy City Zoo’ in San Francisco. Robin moved to Los Angeles and continued serving as a standup comedian at clubs including ‘The Comedy Store.’ Robin debuted in a Tv show ‘Laugh-In’ which aired in 1977. The same year, he performed for Home Box Office at L.A. Improv. Robin continued performing as a standup comedian at clubs like Roxy to keep his improvisational skills sharp. Mork & Mindy attracted a lot of audiences.

After rising to fame, Robin produced three extremely successful HBO comedy specials: Off the Wall (1978), An Evening with Robin William (1983), and A Night at the Met (1986). In 2002, he did a one-man show ‘Robin Williams: Live on Broadway.’ After a six-year gap, in September 2009, Robin started his 26-city tour and ended it on 3 December 2009 in New York. On 8 December 2009, the tour became the subject of an HBO Special.

In 1978, Hollywood featured Robin as an alien ‘Mork’ in the 22nd episode ‘My Favorite Orkan’ of the Tv series ‘Happy Days.’ On 12 March 1979, he appeared on the cover of Time magazine for his success of Mork & Mindy. On 23 August 1979, Robin got the privilege to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. In 1986, Robin co-hosted the 58th Academy Awards.

Robin had been a regular guest 50 times on different talk shows including ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’, and ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’ Robin along with his fellow comedian Billy Crystal starred in the unscripted beginning episode of the third season of ‘Friends.’ In 2006, he appeared as the surprise guest at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. In 2010, Robin together with Robert De Nero appeared in a sketch on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ In 2012, he starred as a guest in two FX series, Louie and Wilfred.

In 1977, he debuted with a short part in the low-budget comedy film ‘Can I Do It…Till I Need Glasses?’ Later in 1988, he starred as the title character in an American musical comedy film ‘Popeye.’ In 1982, he appeared in the leading role in a comedy-drama ‘The World According to Garp.’ In 1987, Robin outshined after starring in a lead role in an American comedy war film ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’ by director ‘Berry Levinson.’

In 1989, Robin appeared as a private school English teacher in an American drama film ‘Dead Poets Society.’ Robin had appeared in dozens of dramas including Good Will Hunting (1997), Awakenings (1990), The Fisher King (1991), The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), Moscow on the Hudson (1984), What Dreams May Come (1998), Bicentennial Man (1999), Insomnia, and One Hour Photo (2002), The Final Cut, and The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2004).

In 1992, Robin played his voice-over role as Genie in the animated film ‘Aladdin.’ In 2009, Robin received the title of ‘Disney Legend.’ His other voice character in animated films includes FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), Robots (2005), Happy Feet (2006-2011), and Everyone’s Hero (2006).

Later on 31 March 2011, Robin’s debut play ‘Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo’ launched at the ‘Richard Rodgers Theatre.’

Robin Williams’ Net Worth

As of 2023, Robin Williams has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Robin Williams Annual Salary

From 1978 to 1981, there have been 94 episodes in four seasons of ‘Mork & Mindy.’ Robin Williams made $35,000 for each episode of Mork. Today it is equal to $130,000 after adjustment of all the inflations. Robin has earned his highest paycheck of $20 million from the 1999 movie ‘Bicentennial Man.’ He has earned $75,000 for his voice-over in the Disney movie ‘Aladdin.’

Robin Williams Income Source

Now if we look into his source of income, Tom Ellis has earned most of his wealth from his acting career. Apart from being an actor, he has also earned from his stand-up comedy. Additionally, he has also been earning through other sources like screenwriting, Voice acting, and Film Producing.

Robin Williams Philanthropy Work

Robin Williams came from a wealthy background so he always wanted to do something for poverty-stricken people. In 1986, Robin collaborated with Billy Crystal and Whoopy Goldberg and founded ‘Comic Relief USA.’ They raised $80 million for homeless people as of 2014. Robin made benefit appearances to support feminism, education, and veterans. Robin along with his second wife, Marsha established a philanthropic organization called ‘The Windfall Foundation’ and raised money for many charities. After the 2010 Canterbury Earthquake, Robin donated his weapons of self-destruction in a Christchurch performance. He had also supported St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for many years.

Robin Williams Awards and Achievements

Being a successful Comedian and Actor, Robin Williams had been honored with numerous awards and achievements. He won ‘Academy Award’ for Best Supporting Actor in Good Will Hunting (1997) and ‘Cecil B. DeMille Award’ in 2005. He has also won six ‘Golden Globe Awards’ for Best Actor in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. He has also been awarded ‘Special Golden Globe Award’ for Vocal Work in Motion Picture. Robin had also received two ‘Primetime Emmy Awards’, two ‘Screen Actors Guild Awards’, and five ‘Grammy Awards.’

Robin Williams Health and Death

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Robin Williams became addicted to Cocaine. His friend John Belushi’s death prompted him to quit drugs and alcohol. Later in 2003, Robin started drinking again while working on a project ‘The Big White’ in Alaska. In 2006, Robin checked himself into a substance-abuse rehabilitation center in Newberg, Oregon. Unfortunately, he failed to maintain his sobriety. Later in mid-2014, Robin decided to take treatment for alcoholism. He admitted himself to a Hazelden Foundation Addiction Treatment Center in Center City, Minnesota. Apart from being addicted, he had also been diagnosed with heart problems, diffuse Lewy bodies, and severe depression.

After suffering many years from depression, paranoia, memory loss, and insomnia, Robin passed away on 11 August 2014 due to suicide at his home in Paradise Cay, California.


Robin Williams is an American actor and comedian whose net worth is $50 million as of 2023. Robin is best known for his stand-up comedy and diverse film performances. He started his acting career in 2000. Robin had earned around $6 billion from his films after adjusting all inflations. He had earned most of his wealth from his stand-up comedy and acting profession. His screenwriting, voice acting, and film producer work also add up to his earning resources. He has been awarded with numerous awards including Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Grammy Awards. On 11 August 2014, Robin Williams died of suicide at the age of 63 in Paradise Cay, California, U.S.


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