Best Winter Hikes in the Northeast the Northeast’s Best Winter Treks Include

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Pedestrians everywhere are invited to call! Northeast is an ideal area for hiking and trekking because it is surrounded by amazing mountain hills, hill cities, high-height lakes, and fertile green valleys that offer amazing views. Walking along this amazing path is the best in winter. Therefore, get your hiking equipment and register for this year’s winter hiking path.

Goechala Trek

Because of its unmatched beauty and natural beauty because of its unfaited beauty and unmatched beauty, Dzongri Goecala Trek is one of the most challenging treks in this country, however, it is also among the most fun. Located at the highest point of 16,207 feet. and is the highest mountain bait in the ranks of the Himalayas.

To reach the Yuksom Dzongri Pass, which is located in the Himalayas in Sikkim you must travel through beautiful views, dense forests, and rhododendron.

If you are lucky, you can even see unusual birds during hiking. This goes to heaven.

There are many surprises along the road, including Lake Samiti, the mysterious background of Thrashing, and the amazing panorama of the highest point of Dzongri.

Walk across the Kanchenjunga National Park, one of the lushest areas on earth remains one of the most fun activities as long as you are in the Himalayas.

Goechala was also displayed at Rupee 100 Indian Note because of its amazing beauty.

Talley Valley, Ziro

One beautiful trekking route in Arunachal Pradesh can be described as Ziro which is also known as Talley Valley Trek, which is a landscape and fertile green mountains, glaciers, and endangered animals. It began at Zero Valley and ended at Talley Valley, which is also home to Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Because there aren’t many people in this area, you will be able to meet with indigenous tribes and experience nature and the environment in their heyday. If you are lucky, you will meet with endangered leopards.

  • Sandakphu track
  • Do you know why this trip is the most successful until now? If your sunny weather can observe the highest peak in the world (Kangchenjunga, Kumbhakakarna, Pandim, Kabru, and Everest) from Sandakphu and also smaller.
  • Located at an altitude of 11,930 feet.
  • This Summit is located in the southernmost part of the Singalila National Park. The peak of Sandakphu is located near the border of India and Nepal.
  • This is not a difficult way. So, even if healthy it should not be difficult to complete this increase.
  • The weather is very seasonal to walk in this area, however, winter offers the opportunity to experience completely different experiences.
  • Start your journey in one of Darjeeling and Manebanjan and explore charming cities, amazing lakes, beautiful forests, and amazing sunset.
  • It is also possible to cross the Singalila National Park, where you can see Rhododendron Mekar.

Sandakphu and Phalut are one of the most sought-after destinations of the eastern Himalayas because it is not only of the amazing view of the Kanchenjunga and the Everest range provided but also because of the wildflowers that bloom in spring and summer, as well as opportunities to observe birds.

Root Bridge lives live Root Bridge

During the war, the Khasi tribes found the amazing Meghalaya live root bridge, built from the strong roots of the Ficus Elastica tree. They can be used to cross many rivers.

  • You can explore Cherrapunji which is the wet area on this planet, and live in a traditional village tree house in Mawlynnong, an environmentally friendly city.
  • Learn about the Khasi tribe and enjoy the amazing panorama of Bukit Khasi.
  • A truly cultural-based experience from India is beautiful by taking several trekking routes available in Northeast India.

Peak Phawngpui

There is a reason why the Blue Mountains are highly respected and walking through their blue fog when clouds float and experiencing Mizo’s culture is a truly unique experience. In the land of Dewa, visitors can be amazed by exotic orchids, birds, and rhododendron as a beautiful view to be accepted. The Phawngpui Summit is an amazing sight throughout the Chhimtuipui river and Myanmar’s highlands.


Interrupted Pass

Explore the cities of Monpa, which have historical and chortens mons, main walls, and Buddhist routes. Another amazing, long, and very loved journey in Arunachal Pradesh, is between Tawang Trek.

  • The place where Dalai Lamas was born in Urgeling and Tawang and Monastery Khin Me, Sange Ryabgelling Temple, and valleys and rivers filled with rare trees and birds such as pine and oak wood was all clear.
  • Because of its length, the road is done in the segment and also using a motorized road.
  • From this point from here, from here, Gorichen Peak, the highest point in Arunachal amazing. The paths take you through the pure glatser river and lake along the increase as well.