Why Should you Buy Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings?

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Surprising your loved one is a great thing to do. A surprise proposal is not only beautiful, but it can also be thrilling. Your partner might not like the look of the ring you buy, so it’s best to opt for a ring that doesn’t cost that much in case it needs to be replaced.

When you buy cubic zirconia rings, you will find that they are much cheaper than diamonds. Who knows, your partner might even like it, so you don’t have to buy something more expensive.

Unions with Lower Initial Expenses Seem to Last Longer

Real research has shown that marriages where couples cared less about getting expensive engagement rings lasted longer on average. Generally, diamond engagement rings cost more than other types of engagement rings. Investing in an expensive ring shows tendencies to other expensive purchases that are likely to be made in the future.

Money is a big issue in marriages, especially when there is a financial struggle or strain whether there is a lot of money or not. Couples who spend less on engagement rings by deciding to buy less expensive but beautiful rings are more likely to be willing to work for their marriage. It’s important to focus on what matters when you’re getting ready to settle down.

An expensive marriage proposal ring does not always portend longevity in the union. If you are considering the costs, buy cubic zirconia rings of your choice. No one would even tell the difference, so it doesn’t really matter in the end.

Enjoy more Value Compared to a Diamond

Unlike diamonds which will usually cost you an arm and a leg to own one, when you buy zirconia jewellery online, you get a comparatively greater value. Cubic Zirconia looks exactly like diamond and refracts even more, which means you will enjoy owning a ring that looks great physically.

This way, you may not need to buy a more expensive ring for your engagement. Imagine owning a ring that costs 98% less than a real diamond while still looking the same on your fingers.

Diamond ring

Saves you a Lot of Money

As beautiful as most engagement rings are, it’s often best to buy a ring that doesn’t cost that much. In terms of investment potential, diamonds will always cost less than what you bought them for. It’s hard to tell the difference when buying cubic zirconia rings. Therefore, it is better to buy an affordable engagement ring so that you can invest the extra money in more relevant interests.

 The Cubic Zirconia engagement ring offers buyers a viable option to save a lot of money when shopping for a ring. In terms of appearance, a $5,000 diamond resembles a $200 cubic zirconia. While one will be hard to sell at its real value, the other will make little difference even if not sold. Knowing that you are going to spend a lot less without compromising functionality is a good reason to consider this type of ring.

A Marriage Proposal can Fail

Of course, it happens! Marriage proposals can fail when the bride-to-be does not accept the engagement. If so, what happens to the possibly expensive engagement ring you’ve already purchased? As painful as it may be, the engagement ring will have to be returned somehow. Aside from the hurt that comes from hearing NO to a proposal, the potential loss of money on a diamond ring that has already been purchased is real. It is difficult to return or sell for the same value it was obtained.

With that in mind, it’s often best to buy a cheap engagement ring for the proposal and perhaps a more expensive wedding band for the actual wedding. A cubic zirconia engagement ring costs a lot less and looks great for a wedding.

An Expensive Engagement Ring may be Missing or Broken

Another good reason to buy cubic zirconia engagement rings is simply that they are easy to replace if they are missing, stolen, or broken. Imagine the fear and pain of losing a $10,000 diamond engagement ring, now compare it to the disappearance or theft of a cubic zirconia ring. The cost of these two items makes a difference to how you feel if your ring is missing. And the rings disappear, are stolen or their precious stone is chipped.

The Wedding Might not Take Place

A lot of people still don’t know it, but the diamond isn’t as rare as it’s been painted to be. Rarity raises the price of an item and this is the case with diamonds. First, a clever marketing campaign championed by the major diamond players in the world has made the diamond the perfect stone for engagements. Well, the truth is that this is nothing but marketing propaganda.

Diamonds have an artificial rarity due to the fact that a large portion of them are prevented from flooding the market. What do you think would happen if there were a surplus of diamonds on the market? Your guess is as good as ours – there will be a major market drop if this happens.

To Counter Smart Diamond Marketing and Artificial Scarcity

As unpleasant as it is, it does happen. Weddings are sometimes annulled, which means that it will be necessary to return the engagement ring already offered.

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