Matching Swag Outfits for Couples

couple wearing matching outfit and enjoying

Today love is in the air. The sun is shining brightly and there is a cool breeze sweeping along the streets of the town. It is a bright spring morning and there is the usual hustle on the streets for the persons who are in a hurry to reach their offices, some are dashing towards their cars or bikes parked across the street or there are some who are making it on feet towards their destination and some are rushing towards the bus stop.

And amidst this rush hour, I have spotted some couples in matching swag outfits who are very cool and at ease. Looks like they are enjoying their weekend and have come out for shopping odd goods for their houses. I like their outfit and will describe it for your sake.

Why Jeans?

The man is in his mid-30s. He seems to be one who keeps himself abreast with the times and the trends of fashion. He is wearing jeans that are shredded at the knees and the thighs and a faded one at the thighs and the bottoms and at the lower legs. The bottoms of the jean are also shredded and strands of yarn are hanging down from them. The jean seems to be a comfortable fit jean, that is, it is neither too tight nor too loose. The jean is low waist jeans as the belt of the jean is very low on the hips.

But it is a swag of a jean no doubt. Over his pair of jeans, he is wearing an army shirt. It looks as if he has borrowed the shirt from an army friend who is serving the army. The shirt is still having a couple of badges from the army. The shirt is very loose fitting and is faded from the passing of time and looks weather-beaten.

It is tucked half in the jean and half is casually hanging out from the waist of the jean. He has also left the top three buttons of the shirt open and is wearing a pair of sneakers. In her eyes, she has a pair of sun shades and they seem to be ‘Rayban’. He has long hair and is tied up in a small but neat pony behind his neck and is sporting a few long sideburns.

couple wearing matching shirt

What are Shorts?

Now, as far as the lady is dressed in denim shorts that are a bit above the knees. But the shorts seem to be cut with scissors from jeans and the hem has been left raw so that the strands of yarn are exposed from the shorts.

The shorts are faded ones as though the fabric has been acid washed. It is also shredded from the pockets and the back. Over the shorts, she is wearing a cropped knit top without sleeves which is very loose fitting. The top has a print on it but she is looking attractive due to her perfect figure of hers.

She is also sporting a leather small purse that is hanging at her waist across the shoulders from leather strips. Her hairs are open and are flowing freely across her face. She is also wearing a Rayban pair of glasses. She is wearing for her feet a pair of sneakers without socks.

So, here above we spotted a couple in the street that gave us the idea of an outfit for couples for a bright spring morning.

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