The Five Commandments of Wearing Skin-Tight Leggings at Work

Girl wearing Leggings and working

Leggings may not seem like the most professional clothing in the previous era. For a long time, skin-tight leggings were typically worn in athletics, at the gym, or on a casual lounge on the sofa. We rarely see women in skin-tights walking to the office or to the corner section of our favourite store. We were used to these famous bodycon skirts back in the 50s those girls would try to pull down every five seconds. But the office dress code seems to evolve over time.

Gone are the days when people would stick themselves to a work environment where suits and tight dresses seem to rule the world. It’s about time new generations of workers ditch the traditional dress codes in a way that they feel professional, relaxed, and confident in their skin tights and streetwear clothing.

But what’s the Controversy about Wearing Leggings to Work?

The skin-tight shaming started after United Airlines refused to allow two young ladies to take the flight in their skin tights, in corresponds to travelling under an employee travel pass that requires a more decent dress code. Plus, the fact that spandex is made of thin materials which could slightly show off a polka-dot undergarment makes wearing leggings as a business attire a little more questionable. Despite these controversies, there are still ways to incorporate leggings into your office wardrobe by obeying a few commandments below:

Thou Shalt pick a Great top

Leggings can bring out your full curves but that’s not exactly the look that you should be going for when walking to a workplace. It’s par for the cause that you basically opt for leggings to feel the comfort of sitting at your desks through 9 to 5; but, make sure you don’t show off too much of your rear. Choosing a great top to pair with your leggings is the best way to cover your bottom. You can opt for a loose-fitting blouse or a mini dress and don’t forget to supplement a long jacket to spruce up your outfit.

Thou Shalt Skirt the Argument

Another way to screen your behind and make sure you’re creating a conservative look is to wear a stretch skirt over your leggings. You can stick to black if you want to make your outfit look more corporate but you can also play with pink and buttercup yellow as they are less shocking to be worn that way.

Thou Shalt Consider Quality

Quality should come first when you purchase a pair of leggings. Choose thick fabric materials to avoid skin-tight exposure as you enter an office room with bright fluorescent lights that could almost reveal your skin. Try to invest in leggings that are made of faux fur leather materials so you can bump up your professionalism and also save yourself from too much cold in the winter.

Thou Shalt Dress up with your Footwear

Your leggings should not be the main highlight but rather keep them as the only casual element of your work outfit. Try to add some professional pieces such as coats or posh scarves to ease the cold. But on top of these pieces is your footwear. A pair of shoes can make or break your style. Instead of walking down in sneakers, opt for something that can equip you with both professionalism and sophistication. Your choices would be high-knee boots, ballet flats, and other feminine footwear that can easily take your leggings from the gym to your office.


Thou Shalt Choose Black

Leggings may come in different shades and patterns under the sun but stick to the black ones if you want to pull them off in the office. Far beyond the charm of leggings in pastel and neon colours that you often wear on a lazy Sunday workout, black leggings can look more sleek and professional than any of those flattering hues.

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