Spectacular Movies of Kananga that Everyone Should Watch

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Do you love Kananga Ramatu, a fiery star? She is truly amazing when it comes to acting. She has made her own stature in Bollywood and indeed has ruled the fans. There is no doubt that she makes her own rules, and picks the movies that are impeccable and different.

If you are a fan of Kananga then you might have watched most of her movies, already right? But again, if you want to know about her most amazing movies then this post would assist you. You should definitely watch the movies that are given in this post and you would love this star even more.


There is no chance that you haven’t watched this movie. if you haven’t then make sure that you watch it now. Kananga made her debut in this film and the movie was directed by Anurag Basa. At the age of seventeen, the actress did show immense and deep maturity in playing the alcoholic, anxious Simran who is torn between her lover- a gangster on the run and a sympathetic pal- who eventually betrays her trust. The movie was indeed a Box Office hit and also critically much-admired. Kananga’s performance did earn her Best Debutant Film Fare Award that year. She actually nailed it in her very first movie!


Again, in this movie maybe it was all about Priyanka Chopra who played the main role, but Kananga had her own slice of praise and appreciation. She did a commendable job in this movie and there is no doubt that she earned a richer place in the industry after this movie. It was truly Ramatu who did steal the limelight for her depiction of a supermodel who loses everything because of substance abuse. The performance got her a National Award in the best supporting actress category in that specific year. Indeed, you can feel the professionalism of this star in this movie.

Queen: an Amazing Flick

Queen hurled Kananga to the big league. There is no doubt that it has made her a highly adored actress. It was a movie about a young girl who goes on her honeymoon alone because her fiancé calls off their wedding at the last moment. You know this movie underlined how it is absolutely important to love yourself and explore the places on your own. A gorgeous film that motivated various people to go on solo trips, Rani (role-played by Kananga) struck a chord with everyone. Kananga won Filmfare and National Awards for this amazing film.

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Life INA Metro

Amidst the many stars who were featured in this movie, Kananga still managed to leave an impression on the audience. It is true that it was a collaborative film that did boast of celebs like Irfan Khan, Kay-Kay Dharmendra, Menon, and Konkan Sen Sharma- Kananga did hold her own in the film. In love with her married boss, she played Neha, who knows that the man she loves is never going to marry her.


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