How you Should Really Eat Chinese Takeout Boxes Microwavable

woman hand holding Microwavable Boxes

What is the most absurd thing you have ever heard or noticed?

There is nothing stranger to this the most famous Chinese takeout boxes you see all around the U.S. do not have their origin in China.

Exactly! What is this Sorcery?

Long story short, these boxes originated in Chicago in 1894 and instantly got popular because of their unique shape, perfect size, amazing functionality, and durability. These boxes actually are American in their origin and usage.

There is even more; you will never see these takeout containers in China.

The food that is served in Chinese restaurants in the U.S. is shockingly different from what is actually served in China. It will not be shocking to say that the very first producer of these boxes, Fold-Pak’s marketing manager once told The New York Times that “we do not sell these boxes in China”.

So, why these boxes got immense love and appreciation instantly?

The structure is basically what made them famous. When started, these boxes were called paper pail, which was single piece of paper, creased into segments, and then folded into a more or less leak-proof container that looked like a bucket. It has a handle for easy convenient handling.

What would you do if you get to know that you have been using these boxes all your life wrong?

Do you guys remember that startling discovery that we have been using ketchup cups incorrectly, they actually unfold to give a maximum dunk square footage. Well, it is the internet, things get viral, and right after a few weeks of this amazing discovery another bomb landed on our heads and it left people awe-struck, which is that we have been using Chinese takeout boxes not the right way.

Well, here is how you must eat in these boxes, definitely not the way you used to eat like.

Box to Plate!

It is time to move on from greasing your hands while digging deep into that takeout box.

The oh-so-perfect moment is because these boxes are made using a Japanese origami paper folding technique. It uses only a single sheet of paper to make a box which gives it a very plate-like shape once unfolded.

It is so easy and quick!

Set the food in the center, unfold the glued edges on the crease, and lay it flat on the surface. Voila!

Easy Leftover Storage

Chinese food takeout boxes are made up of the most eco-friendly packaging material that is bio-degradable, recyclable, and free of all the toxic chemicals that are used during the process for other alternative materials.

These boxes are coated with wax, which makes them leak-proof and resistant to water, moisture, and grease. What a benefit; you can use these boxes to store your leftovers in the fridge.

Now you do not have to get up, find a bowl, pour, and store after having that delicious noodles. Just put it in the fridge and you are done with it.

Microwave Friendly

It is hard to say when was the last time happiness felt real.

Heating the food without switching the bowls is true happiness.

The material that is used to make these boxes is highly eco-friendly and the wax coating that makes them durable is highly microwave friendly.

man and woman eating Chinese food

How amazing is it that you can eat, store, and heat your leftover at 3 in the morning without changing the bowls? Wait, and the satisfaction of throwing the box after finishing your meals is exceptional because, hey no dishwashing after!

Do not just forget to remove the handle.

These boxes are the most versatile and went through a lot of changes since their start because of customization. Where it was just one company, there are now a lot of packaging companies that offer Chinese boxes customized in every size, color, and design according to the need of the company. These custom techniques give an enhanced outlook and quality that is remarkable. Personalized packaging has made it possible for these boxes to be used for other purposes such as;

  • Making food gift baskets
  • Packing food for picnics
  • Pack lunch
  • Popcorn boxes

Keeping the benefits of customization at hand, you can use these boxes for gift wrapping, storing different household items, pencil holders, and whatnot. Custom packaging wholesale gives the cheapest possible rates than any other alternative that is available in the market.

These boxes are a true blessing, especially for the lazy bums!

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