How to Use Wrapping Paper for your Decorative Items

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping paper is with us for centuries and helps us in the packaging of offerings. These printed papers are alluring and eye-popping in visuals due to their high-quality graphics. The feel of this wrapping style is always superior due to the choice of material used in them. They can be manufactured of several materials such as paper stock, vinyl sheets, and other sorts of stuff. From birthday celebrations to weddings and the new year, there are several creative designs available for these wrapping sheets, which can help you in making your offerings stand out from the rest of the others.

The Need for Wrapping the Gifts

Gifts are always incomplete without proper presentation, and nothing can beat Wrapping paper in elevating the performance of a gift item. Although the history of wrapping paper dates back to medieval Victorian times but let’s jump to the present. These wrapping papers are now widely available in the market, printed in eye-popping and alluring graphics.

But let’s consider a fact, what happens to the wrapping material once the gift is unwrapped? It only goes to waste. This paper can be repurposed in many creative ways by just using your DIY skills. Here are some ideas to convert the wrapping material into decorative crafts.

Creative Envelops

You can use leftover wrapping sheets to make appealing encompasses for your use. The process is simple, and you need minimum resources for it. You just need an empty envelope, an empty cereal box, scissors, glue, a pen, and gift paper. Follow these steps to execute this DIY project.

  • Soak the empty envelope in Luke’s warm water until the paper releases all the glue
  • Once the envelope is free of glue, open it in a sheet to get the basic envelop template
  • Place the template on a card sheet acquired from an empty cereal box
  • Mark the dimensions of using a pen
  • Cut the card sheet in accordance with the dimensions
  • Paste gift paper on the cut template using glue
  • Assemble the envelope by gluing the ends
Man opening a gift

Hang Decorative Streamer

These leftover gift papers can also be used for making decorative hanging streamers at home. You can use these streamers to decorate your living space during birthdays and New Year. Here are the steps to follow to make these decorative crafts easily at home.

  • Take leftover sheets of gift paper
  • Use a pen and compass to mark different sizes of circles on the backside of gift wrapping
  • Cut the circles using a scissor or paper cutter.
  • Take a string and paste the circles in ascending order, starting from big circles to small circles in a row.

Paper Star Medallions

You can also use custom wrapping papers for making star medallions out of them. These are effective in elevating the visual appeal of any space where they are hung. You can simply make them by only using a wrapping sheet, compass, pen, and scissors.

Here are steps for making these at home

  • Take a wrapping sheet and mark a circle on it by using a compass and pen
  • Cut the circle with scissors
  • Fold the circle in four folds in order to get a pie shape
  • Make cuts on the sides and remove small slits from the side
  • Open the paper
  • Glue a string on the top to help in hanging

Create Bows

You can also use wrapping sheets for making creative and straightforward bows. You can repurpose these bows for gifting purposes. You only need a paper cutter, ruler, wrapping sheets, and glue for making them. Here are simple steps you can follow:

  • Take the leftover sheets of wrapping and lay them on a flat surface
  • Place a ruler in a format that you are able to cut long strips
  • Use a paper cutter to get the strips
  • Fold the strips in a way that they assemble a bow or flower-like shape
  • Glue the bottom to hold the shape

Paper Pine Cone Tree

Paper cone trees are simple creative crafts that are appealing to visuals due to their colorful visuals. You can use printing wrapping papers for making these cones, as the document is vivid due to color printing on it. You can use these paper pine trees on New Year and Christmas to embellish your living space. You simply need some essential tools and resources such as paper sheets, a spare stick, hot glue, tape, and a paper cutter for this DIY project. Here are the steps you have to follow to make them at home.

  • Take gift paper and cut circles out of it by using a paper cutter
  • Cut the circles in half
  • Fold the half circles in a way that they resemble small cones
  • Tape the cones from the inside to hold their shape
  • Take the spare stick and place the cones on it in an order that they resemble a pine cone
  • Apply hot glue at the back ends of the cones to attach them to the stick

Wrap Books

Books are with us from the long past, and these valuables are like a treasure of knowledge. Keeping them protected is one of the biggest deals as a book lover knows the importance of proper bookbinding. You can also protect your books at home by merely wrapping them using gift packaging paper.

  • You simply need a wrapping sheet
  • Place your book on top of the wrapping sheet
  • Mark the dimensions and leave an excess border on the side as it will be required for folding
  • Cut the dimensions
  • Place the sheet on the book
  • Fold the side
  • Tape the ends
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