Treat Dogs as your Own

Dog play with a girl

We have had them as pets since ancient times, even as companions. I remember having Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve dinner with my favorite dog. We share laughter and sumptuous meals together. Too bad for my sister, she sleeps.

Let me share some tips and suggestions on how to indulge in these loyal four-legged species.

My dog ​​loves treats and every time he finishes eating, breakfast, lunch, or dinner; I always have something for her. Incidentally, she is called Maui, a mini Pinscher. Recently, she craves cookies with a pinch of sugar and vegetables.

He would take her to the store and let her smell different packages of goodies. I once had cookies with choco chips, lamb chops, and a chewing bone with the taste of tutti frutti. I placed him in front of other dog food choices as he led her to the other end of the aisle so his senses would lead her to the right choice.

As she got up, she feverishly went for fruity flavors and lamb biscuits. He practically slid down and lay on them like a rotating bowling ball and falling pins.

We would always do the same thing again and again except for their food which is lamb and rice. This way we can have fun together almost everywhere. Once, he brought a bag of chocolate to my nephews, and though his candles were in his pocket, the quality was there. It was adorable, my nephews love it!

In addition to dog treats, you can get your dogs groomed in the salons and buy them dog seat belts. Who said humans are the only ones who have the right to be looked after and look their best, even on a normal day?

Classrooms today give dogs the luxury of being teachers. To be the commander, the one to be pampered and cared for. Dogs get a quick and hot bath. They massage the dog on the back, upper body, and legs. Massages give dogs relief from the stress and excitement of everyday life. Sometimes they can be nervous, especially with unknown visitors who frequent the house.

massage the dog

After exfoliating and shampooing, our paw pals will go straight to the dry area and still get some occasional tummy and back. Ears and nose will be cleansed. Almost every corner is examined on your body. Don’t want your dog to be thoroughly cleaned before returning home?

Nails are cropped. The same goes for your hair if your coats are long enough to be cast. They can even get their nails polished or coated with scratch pillows to save valuable wood furniture and other sensitive items scattered around the house.
With all of them cleaned in 30 minutes or so, you can now customize them from head to toe.

Your local pet store has hats. It might be the fun hats you see at football games. Or even hats that exude the dog’s confidence in her colleagues.

Dresses are available in different sizes and for different purposes. They have party dresses, formal coats, wedding dresses, and sportswear. What I like best is the world famous ‘yellow and green’ Brazilian shirt. Of course, it should be number nine!

Eventually shoes that complete the entire outfit! Owners prefer tall boots as it gives dogs the necessary protection for their ankles. Dogs have brittle paws, especially small breeds.

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