What’s the Difference Between a Squat Rack and a Power Rack?

Squat Rack and Power Rack

A squat rack serves the purpose of making the squat safe and easy. But, what does a power rack do? And what is the actual difference between a power rack and a squat rack? Do you really know the difference between the two? knowing the difference between the two could help you purchase a rack based on your actual requirement. Here is everything you need to know about them and the difference between them.

What is a Power Rack Exactly?

A power rack is also known as a rig, power cage, or even a squat rack sometimes. Most of the power racks come in a common or general design, they would have 4 feet connected by 4 metal bars overhead, 3 stabilizing bars at the foot, and two safety bars that could catch the loaded barbell. Most commonly a power rack would have a square footprint.

Power Rack Pros

  • Load heavier weight
  • Power racks come with a pull-up bar
  • Does not require a spotter as they already have safety bars
  • Power racks are commonly made of very thick metal
  • Has 4 legs that make them stable

Power Rack Cons

  • Power racks are huge, they need large space to be installed
  • A fully loaded power rack could destroy the floor of a room in the long run
  • Very expensive when compared to a squat rack.

What is a Squat Rack Exactly?

A squat rack is entirely different from a power cage, the key difference could be understood just by looking at it. A squat rack comes with a defining pair of j-hooks that is mounted on a single plane, there is no need to climb a squat rack as they stand on two feet only. Squat racks could come with or without adjustable safety bars or rails.

Squat Rack Pros

  • A squat rack is easy to use
  • They are lightweight and they are cheaper than other power racks
  • Squat racks could be moved around with ease
  • Squat racks could be installed in smaller spaces

Squat Rack Cons

  • Squats racks come with smaller safety pins as they are not long
  • Squat racks cannot support a weight higher than 100kgs
  • Squat racks come with two legs only, which could make them unstable after some time
  • The number of exercises that could be done on squat racks is limited.
  • Squat racks are commonly made of less gauge material, which makes them comparatively less durable.
woman using Squat Rack

What is the Key Difference Between a Squat Rack and a Power Rack?

There are several differences between a squat rack and a power rack. However, mentioning each detail might not serve the purpose so, which one among the power rack and squat rack is the best?

It is easy to pick the best from both of these; the power rack is the best among both. One of the main reasons is that power racks offer a higher capacity to load more weight, they are very stable and they come with pull-up bars and very efficient safety features. However, power racks are comparatively more expensive than squat racks.

If you are planning on purchasing a squat rack or power rack, consider the facts mentioned above. Remember, both types of equipment have their advantages and disadvantages.

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