Learn About Various Places in Your House where Ceramic Tiles Can Be Used Freely


When it comes to interior decoration, ceramic tiles have always been used widely as a material mainly for its aesthetic looks and low overall cost. These tiles are made generally from a mixture of white or red clay along with other products, after which they are glazed to appear shiny and stylish.

The glaze of the ceramic tiles adds much-needed durability and is responsible for controlling the pattern and color of the tile as well. It should be known that ceramic tiles are mostly used for decorative purposes and are perfect to be used in areas where there is less traffic or footfall density. The following are some of the major ways through which ceramic tiles are put to different uses according to the specific requirements laid down by responsible homeowners, such as waterproofing in Auckland services and many more.

The Major Applications Of Ceramic Tiles

1. Used For Flooring

One of the significant uses of ceramic tiles is used mainly for flooring, and most residential apartments and buildings prefer to use ceramic tiles over other types of flooring materials – mainly because of their cost versus performance ratio.

The low-cost, along with the ease of application combined with the large variety in terms of options (sizes, shapes, styles, and patterns) makes ceramic tiles the perfect choice for an ideal home.

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2. Used For Walls

Apart from being used on floors, ceramic tiles can be used on the walls as well – either external or internal. On the internal walls, they are used to enhance the patterns and textures of the walls and thereby quickly change the colour of the room.

On the other hand, using ceramic tiles on external walls provide a cooling effect since they tend to reflect the incoming sunlight and not absorb them entirely. Such a feature is indeed beneficial when it comes to summers.

3. Used For Kitchen Counters

It should be remembered that ceramic tiles also tend to be great when used for kitchen countertops since the shiny glaze makes them resistant towards stains and water. Furthermore, they can be cleaned easily, as well.

On the contrary, though, these tiles are prone to chipping very often, so care must be taken for the same.

4. Used For Patios

Due to the large variety of colors as well as patterns available for ceramic tiles, they make the perfect choice to be used in the construction of patios. Moreover, they are relatively cheaper when compared to stone tiles, thereby making them a no-brainer.

Also, since these tiles are water-resistant, they are more durable and tend to be longer-lasting in wet and humid climates. However, care should be taken to prevent any water build-up, though.

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