Latest summer collection kameez shalwar in 2021


It is often assumed that men have very limited options when it comes to their dressing; designs, colours and styles. However, it is not true; men are also equally active in keeping their wardrobe up to date in terms of the latest fashion and styles for their kind of outfits. As summers are already here, and men need to wisely choose the kind of clothes they wear as they usually have to stay out of their homes for work. So they need something that looks formal or semi-formal, is comfortable to wear, the fabric is of good quality etc. 

As shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan, this article will help you stay in touch with the latest trends in eastern attire, along with the best quality fabric to be used for them. So let’s find out the details below of the latest summer collection for men this year. 

Kurta for everyday wear

Men’s kurtas fall in many categories depending on the base material it is made of; casual, semi-formal, and formal.  Materials like pure cotton, Egyptian cotton, boski, and lawn are the most preferred fabrics for everyday wear and semi-formal. 

The latest styles include embroidered kurta with a sherwani collar, an everyday black coloured kurta is also a must in the wardrobe, and maybe a few kurtas with tape embroidered cuffs and shoulders for a cutting-edge style. Kurtas are easy to wear and casual wear for men when they want to keep them simple and comfortable. 

Wash n wear fabric Pakistan

The trend of wash n wear fabric has picked up its pace recently because of the convenience that this material brings for the consumer. The wash and wear fabric is low maintenance material, where you just have to wash it and hang it nicely for it to air dry. The material needs little or no ironing for smoothing out the creases. Therefore, you simply have to wash and hang it and it’s ready to wear just like that, with little or no ironing. 

This material is being used for ready to wear dresses including shalwar kameez suits and is also available in unstitched and in pret wear of all well-known brands.

Finesse with Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is one of the highly adored materials for men’s unstitched clothes and stitched summer collection 2021. Shalwar kameez suit and Kurta shalwar suits made from pure 100% Egyptian cotton, speaks for its luxurious look and a lustrous shine that you can’t resist. You can get this fabric from any leading store of men clothing brands in Pakistan or even order it online via the brand’s official website. Egyptian cotton is highly suitable for stitching shirts and shalwar kameez, for complete elegance and durability.  

If you want to bring out some class along with sophistication with your dressing, then choose none other than this material for your kurta and shalwar suit. 

Waist Coats 

If you want to look dapper and handsome in one of your eastern outfits, then get yourself a sleek waistcoat from any top men’s clothing brand. A waistcoat worn on top of any shalwar kameez or kurta brings out the true elegance of men’s dressing sense as this piece of garment is like a cherry on the top in the dressing department for men. It enhances the overall look of one’s outfit. Waistcoats are adequate for all formal events if worn over kurta shalwars. You may also customize your waistcoat by selecting the base material from men’s unstitched fabric, colour, stitching style and buttons to go with it. The trending colours for waistcoats that can be easily paired up with any of your suits include ff white, beige, black, and pastel shades.  

If you know your size well, you may also purchase one via online clothes shopping from one of your favourite brands.

DIY kurta shalwar

There are several men clothing brands in Pakistan that offer you plenty of options for the fabric to choose from the overall collection. You can customize your outfit with your choice of embroidery, and stitching style mainly. A DIY stitching kurta shalwar may turn out to look sleek and stylish at the same time. Add your choice of buttons, a pocket maybe, sherwani style collar, sleeve cuffs of your like, and so forth. An easy idea is always to search for a similar image on the web that matches the look you have in your mind.

Festive vibes

Well, you can always play around with your entire shalwar kameez suit for the kind of formal event you’re off to. For instance, if you have to attend a nikkah ceremony with a white colour theme, you can wear a chicken Kari kurta with a straight pajama and put on your waistcoat on top. Similarly, if it’s an Eid celebration, you can choose to wear shalwar kameez in any colour of your choice with a hint of embroidery on the neckline or collars and sleeve cuffs. And if you want to take it a level up, you can put on a matching or contrasting waistcoat and put a pocket square for a complete dapper look.