Marble Floor is the coolest flooring style. People having all small to large budget can afford it. Marble floor is a durable but hard cases you live in cold areas and temperature usually remains low; the marble floor will give you tough time. In other cases, like, if you have to make floor arrangements for siting or playing, again marble floor is not ideal.

This hard floor doesn’t suit the kid’s room as well.  That is why you have to add some other cover which shall be soft and comfortable. You can use patches of carpet in dining area, living area where you have chairs, sofas and couches to sit on but in play room or kid’s room or room where there is no furniture for sitting or lying you must have wall to wall carpet. It means you need a large carpet to install on your marble floor.

4×6 measurement is ideal for medium size carpet but size which exceeds this size makes it larger. Generally, carpets are not that much thicker to cover the hardness of your marble floor to ideal foamy form. That is why experts advise the soft and jumpy padding underneath your carpet.  Pads which are suitable for small rugs on marble floor are equally suitable to larger size but in consideration of its length you may have other pad choices as well.

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For cushioned feel you may choose Superior Lock pads.  It is manufactured by using gentle heat pressing technique for natural rubber thick and thin sloppy layers. It makes it more clasping and copious.  Its needle pinched surface makes more fractions in it. This surface plays anchor for the carpet and the carpet do not slide on slippery surface of marble floor.  Its thickness ranges from 1/4 inch to 7/16 inch.

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Most large carpets have their own weight which prevents it from slipping, sliding and buckling. If there is any heavy furniture piece on it, that piece also do not let the carpet move. That is why may be there is no issue of dripping in case of larger carpet’s movement on marble floor. But comfort is still a matter. Use a long thread woolen carpet there or again use some soft padding. For posh and luxury impact and for best protection of your dear marble floor you must prefer Eco Plush pads. You can choose between its three thicknesses, 1/2″, 3/8″, and 1/4″.

Your choice depends upon how much foamy carpet you want. Its layers are good insulator and sound proof. It makes the better acoustics quality in your room. For most luxurious texture use Cloud Comfort which is made up from natural minerals. This combination is usually used in first-class mattresses. It is best option for your bedrooms and fireplace.  For pets and kitchen Spill Tech is most suitable.

These paddings of large carpets and cheap rug cleaning are ecofriendly, nontoxic and safe choice for your marble floors.  These all make the carpet good for your marble floor.

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