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Silicone Parts

Do you have a specific idea about molding? But, due to the complexities involved in it, are you incapable of manufacturing it? Need not worry. We at Konark Silicone technologies have a variety of silicone parts and manufacturing processes to help you out.

The importance of silicone has increased over time to a certain limit. The reason for this increasing demand is due to its durability, chemical inertness, bio-compatibility, high tensile strength and wide useful specifications. Medical science has also undertaken silicone as one of the most popular devices to manufacture.

At Konark Silicone technologies we manufacture several kinds of silicone parts and engineer it to our customers preferences over time. Unlike most of the other manufacturers our pricing is completely affordable by most of our customers. You could select your price range from our wide variety of price list.

Why are we the best?

The entire team of Konark specializes in the manufacture of liquid silicone rubber based injection for molding materials. Other than working with silicon parts our team of specialists also work with compression and molding several technologies. Now you might be thinking that we are just like any other silicone parts manufacturing company right? Well, no you are slightly mistaken. There is a certain reason, for us to be on the top of the industry right?

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Have a look on reasons:

  • Specially engineered team of specialists
  • Development of initial silicon parts to volume-based manufacturing
  • Fully automated equipment
  • Precisioned silicone parts molding machines
  • Facility for clean room capabilities

We have a team of members to help you out with your needs and requirements. The success that we achieved since our initial days is entirely dependent on our trail to develop and improvise new technological procurement.

Silicone parts molding

Our team of workers are developing new technological measures on a regular basis, to provide better guidance to you. Services for which you can choose us are:


  • Availability of complete project management
  • Molding based on silicon injection
  • silicone parts compression molding


  • Selection of material according to customer need
  • Rubber FEA
  • CAD, designing of silicone parts


  • Development of molded silicone parts and rubber
  • Simpler and quicker turnaround process

When you are going to opt for a manufacturer of silicone, make sure to analyse all the measures associated with molding. If you have a budget cutout, select the silicone parts molding in a definite manner. The entire cost of operation of the molding depends on the geometry of the silicone parts.

Most of the time customers have to face a tough time while selecting the molding process, resulting from complex mechanisms. However, at Konark Silicone Technologies this issue does not exist at all. Here we have specialized engineers who will walk you through the entire process, explaining to you the cost of the complete project. This way there is always an optimal discussion with our customers which makes the entire process easier.

Range of silicone materials

There is an entire range of silicone parts that we manufacture, for you to choose from. Select the one that is appropriate for you. Make sure to provide us with your date of delivery so that we can provide you with your needs in time. If you have a dream of developing a new product with time, feel free to contact us. We provide you with an assurance of the best-customized product as well.

If you have a fascination of being colour specific, we provide you assurance on that too. During your order placing, our engineers will ask you about your specifications. Be sure to mention your needs at that time, as it will help us understand your value and needs effectively.

Contact us today to fulfill your dream silicone parts project in no time!

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