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What is my Moon sign? Do you often ask this question? Do you know that your Moon sign is more important than the Sun sign! Moon sign meaning in simple terms is the Zodiac, where the Moon was situated at the time of the birth of the specific person. As per Vedic astrology janam kundali, the Moon sign is considered to be very important, while a horoscope is being evaluated. Moon sign meaning is that it reflects your personality.

Everyone in this world wants to stay happy! Isn’t it? But it all depends on the specific needs of the person. The moon sign gives deep, detailed information into the inner personality of the person. It lets you know that what is your requirement to feel secure, joyful & comfortable.

How to find moon sign? It is very easy to find as many websites offer an online moon sign calculator to find out the same. By entering a few basic details, you can find out your Moon sign. One such website is that gives you the accurate moon sign.

Moon sign depends on the accurate date and time of birth because it moves swiftly and changes the sign-in every 2.25 days. The Moon sign astrology can help you to fulfill your emotional needs. If you can find out the Moon sign of your friends & relatives etc. then you are in a much better position to understand them and their emotional requirements.

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Importance of Moon sign

The Moon sign is considered to be the very essence of our soul and shapes our emotions. It helps us to reveal what transpires under the subconscious mind and the emotional requirement. It depicts why we are different from other souls, and how can we be emotionally secure. The detail of the native is revealed by the Moon sign astrology like nature, personality traits, behavior, etc. Follow These Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin.

The Moon sign also reveals the chances that the native would enjoy a happy and fruitful relationship with everyone. Also, it depicts the mental compatibility of the person and the luck as well.

The Moon sign plays a pivotal role in determining the compatibility between the two people.

Moon is considered to be a feminine planet, and the other name is queen. The planet Jupiter is helpful while judging the power of the Moon. When Jupiter and Moon combine together, then these planets become the symbol of wisdom & prosperity.

Moon sign Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Moon is said to be the planet, which is a significant and quite important planet. The moon sign chart helps the native to maintain peace in his/her life. Through the Moon sign, the natives can take effective decisions and tackle tough situations in life. Moon sign traits for different zodiac signs are different.  Let’s look into these traits for each zodiac in detail:-

The Zodiac signs based on the Moon sign

The Zodiac signs describe the attributes & the characteristics of the person. When the Moon is placed in these signs, we can know about the mental ability of the person. Given below is the description of the personality of a specific sign as per the Moon:-

  • Aries- The determination and passion are very high of the natives. Because of Aries moon sign, they may react too quickly, but it’s just that they are a bit straightforward and don’t hold back the feelings. They also like to dominate their partners in a relationship.
  • Taurus- When Moon is placed in Taurus, then it makes the native loyal towards their friends. They are patient, but at times, they also lose their cool. When they take decisions, they are clear about the same.
  • Gemini – The native is confused when the Moon is placed in Gemini. They change their behavior very quickly, and hence at times, they are unable to accomplish their goals.
  • Cancer- If the moon is placed in Cancer, then it bestows the native with a caring attitude. They tend to become emotional and are blessed with good imagination power. The natives also adapt to the social get together events.
  • Leo- When Moon is placed in Leo, then the natives are blessed with natural leadership qualities. Their approach towards a specific situation is good and royal. They are naturally drawn towards exciting activities.
  • Virgo- the Moon placed in Virgo makes the native practical and bless him/her with a clear approach & thought process. With the same, the Natives are aware of themselves. They are engrossed in planning most of the time.
  • Libra- The moon placed in Libra bless the Librans with a balanced personality & a sharp mind. They are clear about things and expect the same from the people. However, they tend to be reckless at times. Their endeavor is always to form long term connections with people!
  • Scorpio- If Moon is placed in Scorpio, then it causes a lot of turbulence & distraction in the brain of the native. The person can depict a dual personality type when he/she can be optimistic & happy and rude as well! They are robust and choose the direction as per their will. Occasionally, they tend to behave weird and may find it difficult to deal with their relationships!
  • Sagittarius- Moon placed in Sagittarius makes the native inclined towards religion & related activities. They are enthusiastic in their life and wish to accomplish the tasks with perfection! They are game to take risks and are capable of taking effective decisions as they are blessed with a sharp mind!
  • Capricorn- Moon placed in Capricorn ensures that the native is blessed with a stable mind and flexible while taking the decisions. They may think about themselves and manipulate the activities. They are great managers and play a safe game.
  • Aquarius- Moon in Aquarius makes the natives great communicators and socially active. They are loyal, honest, and caring for people. They also like to explore new avenues in life and the world in general.
  • Pisces- Moon placed in Pisces makes the native inclined towards spirituality and sensitive. Also, the Natives are incredibly humble and can be relied upon in different situations.  

Hence moon sign traits are regarded as very important in astrology. When the person takes action, he/she is guided either by the heart or the brain. If the person is joyful, then he/she has the potential to spread the same vibes in the world! At mPanchang, you can get complete information about moon sign astrologyPicture Motion provide Top Wedding Photographers

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