Know Where To Sell Gold To Get Most Cash : A Complete Guide


It wouldn’t be wrong to consider gold as the safest instrument for investment. Gold has forever enjoyed, still enjoys, and will most likely continue to enjoy the patronage of a loyal fan base.

We Indians give particular importance to gold. It is an integral part of the big fat Indian weddings. All our happy memories begin with gold.

Although we buy gold to retain it for life, there are situations when selling it becomes imperative. However, when people try to sell gold in a jiffy, they often sell it to a place where the gold’s actual value never gets factored in.

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This article provides an ultimate guide to everything you need to know about where to sell gold at the best rates. It also provides you with information about the best place that can give you the highest cash value for gold in Mumbai.

How to Buy and Where to Sell Gold?

Before finding out where to sell gold, you should know about the places where you can buy gold.

The first place from where you can buy gold bars and coins is banks. Banks are places from where you can buy gold, but they never allow you to sell it back to them.

The second place is jewellery shops, where they allow you to buy and to sell gold. However, if you visit a jewellery shop in Mumbai to sell gold for cash, they might deduct a hefty percentage of the gold’s market value as depreciation. Hence, the cash you get for your gold in Mumbai might be around 70% of the gold’s actual market price.

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The third and the most exclusive way you can sell gold for cash in Mumbai is booking doorstep Gold Selling by Muthoot Gold Point. They can visit your house and purchase your Gold and give you instant cash as per prevailing market rates.

Now that you know the place where you can sell your gold to get the maximum cash for gold in Mumbai let’s delve deep and understand the things you should keep in mind to extract the maximum value out of your gold.

Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss.

The answer to the question ‘where to sell gold?’ and ‘where can I get maximum cash for gold in Mumbai?’ will take you to multiple jewellery shops and gold loan providers. But, choosing the best from that list makes an expert understanding of certain things. Verify the following items to find out the best and the safest place to provide cash for gold in Mumbai.

1. Purchase Invoice

When you buy gold from reputed merchants, they provide you with invoice or bills. Carry the purchase invoice when you go to a gold merchant in Mumbai where you can sell gold for cash.

2. Gold’s Value

Most gold merchants give you an impression that the calculation of an ornament’s real worth is a complicated process. They also understand that a customer can’t calculate the actual value of gold. Many gold merchants exploit this loophole by depreciating more.

A reputed gold point cleans the gold first and places it on an advanced XRF machine to calculate its weight and determine the purity. This process ensures that you get what you see.

3. Purity

The cash you are eligible to get for selling gold in Mumbai depends on the purity of the gold. Jewellers resort to multiple techniques like gold-melting, electric conductivity test, acid test, and XRF machine test.

Out of all types of purity testing, XRF testing is the most reliable. Unlike other gold merchants, a gold point cleans the dirt from the gold before weighing it.

Why is A Gold Point the Best Place to Sell Gold?

Muthoot Gold Point is the best answer to your question ‘where to sell gold?’ It is probably the best way to sell gold for cash in Mumbai. Selling your gold to Muthoot Gold Point mobile van is as simple as ABC.

Follow the steps below to get the best valuation for your jewellery, coins, and bars.

  1. Visit or call 7356534111 to book an appointment with Muthoot Gold Point mobile van
  2. The Muthoot Gold Point van would visit your given address basis the appointment schedule. The van is equipped with high quality XRF machines & other equipment.
  3. Watch your gold placed on ultrasonic machines for cleaning.
  4. Advanced XRF machines calculate your gold’s worth and purity.
  5. Watch the gold valued as per prevailing gold rates.
  6. Receive up to Rs. 10,000 in cash and the rest via NEFT or IMPS.


Gold is a human being’s best friend. It helps the owner to tide over any financial crisis. Choosing Muthoot gold point can help you stay assured about its valuation.

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