Know Everything About Engagement Rings

Know Everything About Engagement Rings

One of the most special and memorable moments of life is getting engaged. However, a perfect ring is like a cherry on top. Engagement Ring ensures that a person wearing a ring is engaged or married. A ring is considered as an engagement gift and is gifted just after a marriage proposal is accepted. Most of the rings feature diamonds and other gemstones, rings ensure a formal agreement of a future marriage. In some cultures, both men and women wear wedding rings. Engagement rings are available in many different styles, sizes, and designs out there. So if you’re planning to propose or want to give ideas to someone, here are some ideas that can help you out. 

Know Everything About Engagement Rings

Engagement rings, come in many different styles such as round halo engagement rings at solitaire jewellery, Emerald style, Pearl style, and many more. Gold( rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold) and Platinum are preferred for engagement rings. Commonly titanium, stainless steel, and silver metals are preferred for rings. The following are the types of engagement rings that you must see to choose the best ring for your partner. 

  • Solitaire Style:

When someone refers to the ring which includes a simple piece of diamond, they are referring you to the most popular style of engagement rings that is solitaire style. The reason this engagement ring is so famous is the hard work that is done on the single stone of diamond.

It is the most classic and traditional engagement ring style. This ring never goes out of fashion. If you have a simple and elegant style, solitaire is the best choice for you. 

  • Cluster Style:

As the name itself says ‘cluster’ consists of many small diamonds that are arranged in a manner to make it look like a big diamond. These types of engagement rings are so perfect and gift this ring to someone who is perfect and very special to you. Since this ring has many small diamonds and they create an illusion to create an effect of a large diamond stone, due to this they are also called as ‘illusion rings’. This ring maximizes your sparkle and brilliance without blowing your budget. 

  • Halo:

One of the most popular ring styles is ‘Halo’. This type of ring consists of a big stone of diamond that is the main diamond stone, situated in the center, and surrounded by a lot of small diamonds that create a circle or ‘Halo’ around the main diamond. This makes the main stone more dazzling and shimmer. It also creates the main diamond more sparkly and shimmer if you choose the color gem like a sapphire, ruby, pink diamond, or morganite. 

  • Eternity Band Style:

The Eternity Band symbolizes ‘forever’ and everlasting love. This ring is also known as ‘infinity ring’ the band of this ring is formed by an unbroken chain of diamonds that are connected forever. 

Traditionally, this ring is given to someone on a wedding anniversary or on the birth of the couple’s first child.