Know About The Lord Krishna and His 5 Teachings

lord krishna teachings

In our Hindu culture every God and Goddess have been adored Or worshipped on different grounds such as Lord Ram for modesty, Sita for Tolerance, Vishnu for functioning of the world, Lakshmi for grandeur, Parvati for power and Shiv for Veragya but when it comes to love only 1 pair comes in the mind of everyone that is RadhaKrishna.

Kaanha, Nandlaal, Mohanshaam, Gopal, Yashodanand, Murlidhar, Govind, Anand, Vasudeva all these are the names of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna known as the 8th avatar of God Vishnu. Lord Vishnu’s Krishna avatar is full of narration of his Krishna leela’s then be it a prankful boy, a boy who loves makhan(butter) but not more than his mayeya(mother) Yashoda, a flute boy, a boy for his eternity love for Radha or a charioteer advising Arjun in Mahabharat.

Krishna gives several teachings/lessons to the world which include true meaning of living life and to follow a right path. His lessons are being narrated in the Holy Bhagavad Gita quotes consisting of 700 verses.

5 Teachings of Lord Krishna Are As Follows:

teachings of lord Krishna

  1. Everyday with the sunrise there is rising of certain dreams, struggles and Journey but every dream, struggle and journey is not being fulfilled. Some say that this is because of incomplete hard work, some say it’s because of lack of concentration and endurance, while some blame it as a fate and gets angry and give upon it. But the main reason behind is your incomplete love given to that work. Thus, Krishna teaches us to love our dreams, passion, journey, struggles and never give upon it until it’s being completed.
  2. We always saw that right form the time of birth Krishna always had a smile on his face which teaches us that every situation in this world can be overcome with patience, smile and love.
  3. Krishna always performed all his duties sincerely and full of love be it towards his parents, his friends, his village people, his love, his neighborhood. Thus Krishna teaches us to perform all our duties sincerely and passionately full of love because every person has his specific duties assigned on this earth.
  4. Krishna teaches us never to differentiate between people be it poor or rich. He set an example by making Sudhama his friend and never differentiating between him and his other friends. Krishna always treated each and every person as one and equal.
  5. Krishna teaches us that good deeds are the only way you can achieve love and respect in this world. Every person should do good deeds and avoid doing bad deeds.

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