Kedarkantha- A classic winter trek


Kedarkantha Trek is the beauty with adventures encapsulating everything in itself that will make a person fall in love with this place. the trek is located in the Govind wildlife sanctuary in Uttarakhand district. the name Kedar Kantha has kept behind the name of lord shiva which means the throat of shiva. The overall trek is around 24kms from sankri at the height of the 12500ft. the treks have always fascinated me and it is also a great way of testing your physical fitness. This is most probably covered in 4 days having said that you are going to have a lot of quality time to spend with the astonishing beauty of nature adding on, the snow-capped mountains, snow on pine trees, beautiful streams, lush meadows makes this trek ten times more special the trek difficulty level is easy to moderate so the beginners can also join and the nature lovers are most welcomed.

Kedarkantha trek is the most adventurous and enjoyable trek. For anyone who is willing to experience something beautiful, fun and primarily wants to do something different and charge themself with some happiness then this is perfect. Its a budget-friendly trip with loads of experience and thrill.

“Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity”

The kedarkantha trek journey begins at Dehradun from there you will reach sankri ( the starting point of the trek) trekkers need to reach the place a day before the trek it takes 7-8 hours to reach Dehradun to sankari via local bus which is the most pocket-friendly way. the buses are only available in the morning, people can opt for cabs too, as the Dehradun to sankri is a long road journey with the scenic view you can have lunch or snacks in between at some popular eateries and enjoy some local delight. Which is great, you will be reaching sankari in the evening, go to your respective hotel rooms and  take rest you have a free evening time to yourself and in night have your dinner afterward, the guide will be giving some instructions regarding the trek that you are going to start next this might fill you with excitement but you have to keep it your excitement for the next day and have a sound sleep in your respective hotels.

On day 2 we will march towards the  Juda ka Talab at the height of(9150ft). It’s a 4km trekking journey which takes approximately 5hrs to reach. one with the mesmerizing beauty of the pond having snow around surrounded by the lush pastures and maple oak trees.this is the longest part of the trek which will take almost the whole day but nevertheless, the beauty of Juda ka Talab is all  worth it You are going to spend the whole night in the camps at the neck of the woods which is totally a different experience spending a night at such a beautiful place it’s like a dream coming the morning you are going to have breakfast in the lap of mountains.and then heading towards the next.

Day 3 Juda ka Talab to Kedarnkantha base camp(11250ft) it takes approx.  2.5hrs to complete the hike from Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha base it’s a 4 km trek. The trek begins from the dense forest of oak trees.and moving along some beautiful picturesque shepherd huts which are equally joyful. On the way, you are going to witness the diverse beauty arch-shaped range of snow-capped mountains.

then comes the final part of the trek that is from kedarkantha base camp to kedarkantha peak which is 6 km and it takes 7 hrs. This is going to be a bit long but exciteful journey. As you going to move towards the peak you may face some difficulty for some first-time trekkers. But it’s worth the view.

how vast nature is and how tiny humans are but the love for nature is even more vast… isn’t it!

After reaching the kedarkantha peak which has a Trishul fixed on a pile of rock a small temple dedicated to lord shiva and goddess Parvati  with small statue of Lord Ganesh and the open sky in front of you make the most of your summit and gaze at the top of the beautiful mountains, relax and feel it to the fullest the snow around you the blue sky is no less than a heaven you can feel wind passing through your ears .you can spot 13 peaks of the Himalayan range that are visible such as rupin range, bura range, kalang, and others. Descending to Hargaon village with pine trees, snowy path, frozen streams with its mesmerizing beauty. From Hargaon the trail to sankri village.

The kedarkantha is the must-have trek and the first thing to do in winters this the fully loaded package of beauty, adventure, and thrill.