Joey Horn and Her Philanthropic Efforts Regarding Empowerment


It is unfortunate that women worldwide continue to struggle to achieve equality. Joey Horn is an individual who is trying to confront this problem with her philanthropic efforts. She has teamed up with artist Nalini Malani to draw attention to those who have often been ignored in the past. These two women both come from different situations, but they are equally devoted to empowering women and fighting for equality with their philanthropic efforts.

Both Joey Horn and Nalini Malani have been driven by the idea of equality for women for a long time. Horn has been contributing to the organization known as Mothers2Mothers. This organization focuses on ending the AIDS epidemic in African countries through education and the supply of resources to women to help fight the disease. Mothers2Mothers involves going to the homes of at-risk individuals and offering support that helps combat HIV and AIDS.

The organization Mothers2Mothers has been around since 2001. Since the organization was founded, it has provided assistance to more than 11 million African women.

As an artist, Nalini Malani has focused on gender-based discrimination in much of her work. She strives for social equality and uses her works to draw attention to this important topic. Malani’s work often highlights gender roles.

Horn and Milani have both used their positions to make inequality and empowerment issues for women to be more widely recognized worldwide. Although both of these women have very different lives and professional focuses, they are also both professionals and visionaries devoted to the betterment of the lives of females and others who are marginalized globally.

Joey Horn

Joey Horn is a professional in management and business administration. Horn is now serving as a managing director for Oak Management. This company is involved with investment management in Oslo, Norway.