JD Stock Appeal to Investors with New Provisions to eCommerce Giant



JD Medicine Procurement is an online business-to-business pharmaceutical service and trading center under JD Health. Tingting Dai is a 24-year-old drug store owner in Foshan, Guangdong. Since she owns a small-sized enterprise, her venture is independent of the chain under JD Health. Tingting Dai has to look for medicine distributors by herself. She reaches out to them by placing requests on sites and phone calls. Besides working with 40 different distributors, Tingting Dai has to spend a lot of time and resources to document her work.

She needs a documented entry of supplier information, product data, quality validation, and system legitimacy. Unfortunately, despite her incredible work, the drug store missed out on the special procurement provisions, resulting in shipment delays. Tingting Dai mentioned that clients looking for drugs could not afford to wait for the products. The cycle for procuring some of the medicine would outweigh the patience of her clients.

Sadly, most distributors were hesitant about the supply of her order as she placed a low volume order. In 2019, Tingting Dai discovered the JD Medicine Procurement platform. It has collected extensive data regarding certifications, costs, and distributors. It has become the go-to digital procurement service for Tingting Dai. The drug store owner can now eliminate the need for paperwork and endless calls that come with the hassles of procurement.

She can concentrate on corporate management and enjoys other benefits associated with JD Medicine Procurement. JD Medicine Procurement offers low prices, even for the small volume orders. Thanks to the effective logistics division at JD.com. Tingting Dai now gets her products on time. Through developing an efficient platform to link major pharmaceutical distributors and retail pharmacies, JD Medicine Procurement has changed the entire industry.

Its effect is evident in most small to mid-sized pharmacy retailers. The channel has facilitated the circulation of products depending on reliable financial, logistical, technological service abilities. For the last decade, Lan Liu has owned and operated a drug store based in Zhanjiang, Guangzhou. It was her lifelong distributor who recommended Lan Liu to try the JD Medicine Procurement platform.

She can now maintain connections with current distributors online, thanks to this channel. It also easier to manage the drug store with a broad array of products and supply channels. Lan Liu can now place a product order from local distributors and receive the items on the same day. Jiachu Liang is in charge of two drug stores and has more than a decade’s experience dealing with the industry.

The drug store owner admits that JD Medicine Procurement has helped him gain respect from his clients. Previously, there was little he could do when customers asked for a particular medicine that was out of stock. Today, he can run a quick search on this channel and notify his clients when the medicine would be available. It has brought on more clients to his two drug stores.

Jiachu Liang is currently looking for expansion opportunities for his business. He seeks to integrate the online-to-offline quick delivery service from the eCommerce firm. Given that this delivery focuses on the reliable availability of drugs to stores such as his, Jiachu Liang is considering upgrading his operations. JD.com also offers an online pharmacy management system. Jiachu Liang hopes that his partnership with JD Medicine Procurement will favor the growth of his chain store.

A Brief History

Aside from the JD Medicine Procurement channel, the eCommerce company has launched the JD Stock Material Center. The platform provides more than 100 million standard photos free of royalty claims. JD Stock Material Center offers several mainstream fonts to traders on the internet.