Island Peak Climbing Cost



Island Peak Climbing is one of the popular climbing destinations in the Everest region. It is also famous as Imja Tse, with its scenic views and trails. The Island peak is the most chosen mountain for climbing with its overall climbing cost. As compared to other similar peaks of Nepal, it is economical. With beautiful views of the most fabulous Everest region, it rests on the centre of two mighty mountains. For little or no experience, it is for both. Rather than climbing, it’s more of a trekking experience and perfect for the climbing beginners. With fixed strength and commitment, the difficulty level of Island Peak is bearable. It will be perfect for joining this Island expedition if you have a lot of high altitude trekking experiences.

Costs of necessary gears?

To have the expedition to Island Peak, it requires some special mountaineering gears besides the standard trekking gears. Some are:-

  • Climbing Harness: USD 50-60
  • Accessory Cord: USD 5-10 per meter
  • Abseil Belay device: USD 8-36
  • Ascender and Leash: USD 25-70
  • Locking Carabiners: USD 8-12
  • Ice Axe: USD 80-150
  • Crampons: USD 8-15
  • Trekking Poles: USD 20-60
  • Climbing Helmet: USE 40-200
  • Ski Goggles: USD 80-150
  • Glacier Sunglasses with shields: USD 50-65
  • Oximeter: USD 14-22

Note: You can rent all above climbing gears in Kathmandu, Namche or Chhukung. Some agencies provide all gear in the total cost of your Island Peak Climbing package.

Island Peak Climbing cost based on Route

As the distance of the Route increases the climbing cost also increases. But if you have an opt for Island peak climbing then climbing value will be lesser. It costs more than USD 2000 per person for the combined EBC trek.

Island Peak Climbing Cost based on Trip Duration

The expenses of food and accommodations will increase as long as you spend on the Route. On a whole trip, you have to spend a few rest days acclimatizing. Due to flight delays and cancellations, the cost acclimatization days cosy may increase.

Island Peak Climbing Costs depends upon choices of Food , Accommodation and Drinks

The accommodation cost depends on where you wish to accommodate. It may range from USD 15 to USD 150 per night at Kathmandu. There are many tea houses you can find in the Everest region for your comfortable stay. For per night it can cost about USD 5 to USD 30 per room.

How much Do I have to Pay for a Guide and porter?

It is necessary to go with a licensed trekking company along with the allocated field staff. For solo climbing it in the strenuous climb, it is prohibited.


  • Porter:


While climbing or having a trip to the hills and high altitude regions, it is essential to have porters. To climb the mountain quickly and enjoy the trip, porters share loads of your trekking gears. They charge USD 20-25 per day and carry around 25 kg of the load.


  • Guide:

The trip will be more comfortable if you travel with a professional trekking guide. The guide will help you with every step for finding trails, booking for accommodations and food and ensure your safety for the trip.


Cost of Flight ticket to Lukla?

Island peak journey starts with the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or the bus ride from Kathmandu to Jiri. You can enjoy your expedition trek from Jiri or Lukla. Mostly the maximum people start by booking a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu and start the tour from Lukla. It would be a 45-minute thrilling plane ride which will cost near USD 180. It will cost around 5 to 7 USD for the bus ride from Kathmandu to Jiri.


Permit costs for Island Peak Climbing

Permit costs differ from a season on which spring is the most favourable which costs around USD 250 per pax. It costs around USD 125 for Autumn months. It’s usually USD 70 for here to climb in the Monsoon and Winter season for per pax. Local Area Permit is also necessary for all seasons, which costs USD 20-40 per pax.

Total Island Peak Climbing Cost

If Island Peak is on the list of your next adventures, then it is the best place to explore. The total expedition cost can cost around USD 1800 to USD 2200. If you add some luxury on tour, then the price can increase. The facilities of Food and Accommodation will be included on the package. You may have to pay as you’ll improve the comfort and quality.


Expedition of Island Peak Climbing is a lifetime adventure which is filled with the stunning mountain views, keen locals, and delicious cuisines. In this climb, you can experience the fun, exotic feelings, and the adrenaline rush and it is worth the total USD 2400 Island Peak Climbing cost. You’ll have a lifetime experience on this 17 days trip.