Is your Real Estate Agent Authentic?

is your real estate agent authentic

Investing in real estate is considered a beneficial investment but nowadays it also seems to get risky because of frauds and forged commitments by agents or brokers. Besides, you will have to assure that the agent you are choosing to deal with is authentic, because a proper verification and certification is very necessary while dealing with such investments.

Always check for registration

Every broker and agent,functioning in the real estate market has to follow amendments and regulation laid down by the country’s government authorities. These guidelines are necessary to avoid any kind of fraud by making registration of Real Estate Company or agent mandatory for taking charge of selling, constructing or renting of estates to the public.

If you are looking for investing in real estate then always look for projects that are handled and promoted by well-recognised and registered companies or agents.

A right and authentic real estate agent will be responsible enough to get themselves enlisted to take charge of the estate business.

Never do a deal on phone or verbally

Nowadays everyone prefers digitalisation for their business functions and for operating day-to-day activities, be it buying grocery or making payments everything is done online. No matter how instant and quickly things are done but while investing in real estate try to avoid making any kind of deal verbally, on through phone or online.

A dealing done physically where agent and client are both present, the transactions are recorded legally should be only way of handling real estate binding.

If your agent pursues phone or verbal dealing, even after insisting physical meetings then avoid getting into it.

Visit agent personally

It is always advisable to keep visiting the agent at their place of business for any kind of transaction or for taking the update. This will give you inference about where and how they work. It has been seen that dealers who are frauds usually avoid bringing their clients to their offices to have less association and physical interactions.

Always ask multiple questions related to their work 

Always ask questions, post your query and seek as much as information as you can. Asking question can make other person uncomfortable but try to see that these questions can help in giving you an idea about the company and their agents working with them.

Ask around

After you have shortlisted the property you are interested in buying, ask around. Talk to people who are also part of the same estate. Whether they are renting or buying, if they are finding any kind of issue with the property or the agent. Ask people if the property is good enough or not, things to take care of or any kind of precautions needed to be taken.

Keep documentation of everything

From start to the signing of the deal, keep every step and action taken on records to save you from any kind of fraud. Written documentation ensure authentication and at any point of time, an agent will not be able to cheat you or even if they did, you can easily use these documentations as legal proof against the agent.

If your real estate agent tries to avoid or does not give approval for documenting the whole process, there is a hint that your agent might not be right.

Run a background check

Investing in real estate is a huge decision for anyone, because for most of the people it is depositing their lifetime of saving. Many times the information provided by the agent might not be true like their business information or previously handled projects. In such situations, you cannot do much. If you believe or get a hint that information is false, then you can complain or skip investing in that project.

When you plan to invest, it is always advisable to consult a real estate lawyer for running a background check and verifying their credentials, for any level of property –big or small.


Finding proper information about agents in India, can be hard, sometimes going on other people reviews is the best you can trust. To avoid frauds be aware about the company you are looking for investing in.

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