Is Social Media a Productivity Killer?


Addictions are bad no matter what their type is. Social media is one of the most prevalent addictions these days. Ironically for the rest of these it’s known they are detrimental to one’s health but it is shown as beautiful innovation.

It’s depicted as something as part and parcel of modern life and youth is allured into this misleading narrative. Whereas the case is contrary to what is manifested. Social media ends up devouring precious time from our lives on a daily basis. Had it been only a personal one, it doesn’t matter much but squandering professional time is just another level.

Ownership rights of that time are reserved for your employers legally, technically and ethically. However, when given autonomy at work, employees tend to exploit the opportunity and start wasting time in an unrestrained manner. Therefore it’s rightful to term social media usage at work as a productivity killer.

It’s not that social media isn’t used for professional purposes at work. Digital marketing is centered around social sites. So complete elimination isn’t possible but it varies between different job profiles. A mental break doesn’t have to be taken with social media, there are various other ways.

It entices any normal person into its trap and persuades them to waste hours. So the best option is to restrict social media usage at the workplace. In fact, a much better option is to keep phones away from reach to resist the temptations. Or if phone users can’t be restricted then blocking access to these sites is more viable.

Even though real time monitoring how employees are presenting themselves on social media profiles is a different story. It is done to see if their image resonates with that of the company, which is a sheer violation of their privacy. Anything that is not affecting the company’s affairs and done in their personal domain shouldn’t raise any question marks. The real thing is only maintaining productivity levels.