Is SAP Business By Design Really Affordable for Midsize Companies?



The common misconception in the minds of small and mid-sized companies is that all ERPs are expensive and affordable only for larger businesses. Although they understand the need to have one in their place they all hesitate to buy the same thinking that it will add too much to their overall expenses. 

If you are among the group of small to mid-sized business owners thinking on the same grounds, then this blog is for you. Here, you’ll learn about what’s there in stock for you as a midsize business leader and what you have been missing all these years because of your misconception.


Budget-friendly Software You Should Know About

SAP, a leading automation software manufacturing company has been creating technically advanced solutions for all sizes of the companies. Considering the unique needs and demands of a medium-sized company, it has come up with yet another amazing solution – SAP Business ByDesign. This cloud-based solution is capable of fulfilling your requirements on the go within a much affordable price than what you get from the other retrofitted solutions available in the market for small to mid-sized companies. 

Another point to be noted here is that the solutions being especially meant for midsize business owners to understand the fact that there must be a lack of well-equipped IT support to look after the solution, hence, the solution is served as a pre-configured solution and available as ready to use the system. 

Plus, it is served as cloud-as-service, all the maintenance, upgrades, and backups are handled from the backend and there’s absolutely no additional IT cost involved to burn a hole in your pocket.


How much does it Cost Exactly?

Coming straight to its pricing model that is to give you an idea of the expenses involved:

  • The initial year involving the implementation cost of the solution and the licensing for 5 users would cost you around £50-80K.
  • The cost will be reduced to £15K for users for the next few years.

Also, there is no need to worry about the maintenance, upgrades, recovery and other service charges as all this will be included in your monthly subscription with no hidden cost involved.


Benefits of SAP Business ByDesign

This one-complete solution for midsize companies includes all the essential modules and applications to run the business smoothly. From finance to procurement and project management to CRM and reporting analytics, it’s a suit-in-a-box solution. 

Plus, one of the amazing benefits of adopting this solution than any other system is that the IT support for the same is included in the subscription. And the same subscription gives access to all new functionalities in the system at the same price. Also, there’s no need to buy an extra tool for reporting and stuff as you get the same level of business intelligence and reporting analytics features from SAP Business ByDesign. 



Having learned so much about SAP Business ByDesign, I hope there must be no doubt now about the affordability issues related to the same. Also, the system is best-fit for nearly all types of industries due to its dedicated modules, yet the functionality of the software can be expanded to next-level with a few more customizations by investing a little extra in the same subscription pricing model.